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Urs Langmeier 1. Februar 2021
Pfäffikon SZ, February 1, 2021 - Langmeier Software today announces version 2021 of its backup solutions for professional enterprise use..
Langmeier Backup FAQ 7. März 2016
If you perform an image backup to an external hard drive and then after a few minutes the error message "Disk full" appears, even though there is still enough space on the external hard drive, it is because the external hard drive is formatted to the "Fat32" format. "Fat32" is therefore unsuitable as a backup medium. There are better alternatives...
Urs Langmeier 11. Januar 2016
Simple copying is not a backup. But what is a backup? We explain the backup term and give tips..
Charles Rahm 28. Oktober 2015
We offer many options for your data backup: Back up hard drive, backup external hard drive, encrypt hard drive, etc. read more
Langmeier Backup 20. August 2015
Langmeier Backup 9 was again net winner and could convince throughout. | Backup & Restore with Langmeier Backup Software
Langmeier Backup FAQ 14. Oktober 2015
When you think of backup or backing up data, the first thing that comes to mind is files. But does that cover everything? The answer can only be a clear no, because something important was forgotten: The emails. We write countless business ...
Urs Langmeier 14. Januar 2016
What if your computer or laptop won't boot? Take precautions and create a Windows image backup with Langmeier Backup..
Langmeier Backup FAQ 16. Oktober 2015
Deduplicating backup data is often a necessary feature for business users to save disk space. In this article, we explain how to do it..
Langmeier Backup News 3. November 2015
IT Administrator magazine put our Langmeier Backup 9 backup program through its paces. Read our favorite quotes or the full article.
Sebastian Müller 2. Dezember 2015
NAS storage is a central server that provides storage for all users connected to a computer network. But how do you perform a NAS backup?
Magazine 17. Juni 2015
Legal Basics of Data Backup | Langmeier Backup Magazine | Backup & Restore with Langmeier Backup Software
SME Data Backup 5. Oktober 2018
Are you looking for a data backup method that reliably backs up frequent data adjustments and changes in a timely manner? A differential backup will help you meet this challenge. read more
Langmeier Backup 13. Februar 2017
Have you already created a backup concept? Are you familiar with backup terms such as differential backup and incremental backup?
SME Data Backup 5. Oktober 2018
The correct storage of data ensures the long-term success of a business, because data loss can have devastating consequences. An incremental backup is particularly suitable for backing up your data on a regular basis.. read more
Sebastian Müller 14. Dezember 2015
Backing Up Data: You never really know where to start and how to set everything up. Here's some tips and recommendations..
Urs Langmeier 18. Januar 2016
Langmeier Backup will also perform your FTP backup over a secure SSL connection if you wish. The details can be found in this article.
SME Data Backup 4. Oktober 2018
Data and information are not just tools that companies work with, but basic building blocks of any business. A proper data protection and related backup strategy for your businesses is therefore essential.. read more
Langmeier Backup 24. März 2016
Don't forget to back up your data. The right backup medium such as tape drive, hard drive or cloud also matters.
Reseller 10. Dezember 2015
Langmeier Backup customers can decide for themselves which provider they entrust with their backup data. This increases personal data security for our online backup customers. Read more here.
Langmeier Backup 11. November 2014
What does RAID mean? Does RAID replace backup? What are the advantages and disadvantages of it? We clarify for you.
Langmeier Backup FAQ 13. Dezember 2016
SSD is the new technology which starts our Windows in just a few seconds, but Perfect SSD are not yet, we explain what you need to look out for when backing up SSD..
Urs Langmeier 8. Dezember 2015
Learn how to use Langmeier Backup to back up your data without having to assign a new drive letter over and over again.
Business & Startup 9. Mai 2020
The results of a survey of commercial complaint handling revealed the following:For every complaining customer, there are 26 other disgruntled ones whodon't reportBad experiences are passed on to 8 - 16 peopleon average. 10% of customers even tell mo... read more
Langmeier Backup FAQ 6. März 2015
A file system is a storage structure on a computer that organizes data. Windows offers three file systems: NTFS, FAT32, and FAT16. Here's the overview..
Langmeier Backup 26. Juni 2017
Windows Backup from Langmeier Software protects against data loss from virus attacks, ransomware, and hardware failures, among other things, in both professional and personal data environments..
Armend Ajrulai 2. Juni 2011
What is the difference between file backup and image backup? | Backup & Restore with Langmeier Backup Software read more
Langmeier Backup FAQ 8. Juni 2017
Malware can render data unusable. Set up an automatic backup with Langmeier Backup to avoid being blackmailed!
Langmeier Backup 4. Juli 2013
Here is a brief introduction to the grandfather-father-son principle, sometimes referred to as the generational principle, which is important in data backup.
Lorenzo Mancini 2. März 2018
If you want to restore an image of your operating system with Langmeier Backup, you will need bootable rescue media. To create this with Langmeier Backup, proceed as follows:. 1.Click in the menu bar, in the upper part of the main window, on &b...
Langmeier Backup FAQ 12. Mai 2015
Automatic system boot repair makes restoring image files even more enjoyable. We explain how this works here.
Channel 11. April 2015
The backup program Langmeier Backup has 100% satisfied resellers! Here is a summary of our reseller surveys from February 2015..
Langmeier Backup FAQ 22. Mai 2015
Users who want to install Langmeier Backup on multiple machines can use Silent Setup and automatic volume license activation.. read more
Langmeier Backup 3. August 2016
Never forget to back up your data, because after data loss, it's too late! Langmeier Backup provides comprehensive data backup tips here..
15. Dezember 2017
The Langmeier Backup backup program has 100% satisfied resellers! Here is a summary of our reseller surveys from February 2017..
Langmeier Backup FAQ 27. April 2015
Restore individual files from an image? We have taken this frequently expressed customer request into account in Langmeier Backup 9.
Urs Langmeier 15. Februar 2016
Langmeier Backup as a Windows Service: Your data backup and automatic Windows backup will run reliably even without a logged-in user.
Urs Langmeier 26. März 2015
Smart IT Setup | Langmeier Backup News | Backup & Restore with Langmeier Backup Software
Langmeier Backup 13. September 2016
Are you using Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 and have BIOS 8? Consider the following before booting from bootable media such as the Langmeier Backup CD or USB flash drive.
Urs Langmeier 25. Mai 2016
How can backup software backup open files (e.g. open Microsoft Outlook file)? Here's the clarification on how it works.
Urs Langmeier 30. September 2016
It sounds strange at first glance, but even in the office you need to make sure you have a safe working environment. We give tips on how best to take precautions.
Magazine 5. April 2018
March 31 is World Backup Day, but why is backing up data so important? How and where should I start? How do I do it systematically so nothing is forgotten? We're here to help.
Langmeier Backup 10. Juni 2013
Which key should data be encrypted with: 128-bit or 256-bit? Here's advice to help you arrive at a decision.
Langmeier Backup FAQ 8. April 2016
Backup can be set up very conveniently with wildcards, selecting specific backup paths with just one icon..
Sebastian Müller 3. Oktober 2014
Backing up mailboxes, calendars and contacts of an Exchange server is also possible with Langmeier Backup. Here you will learn how to proceed.
Urs Langmeier 31. Juli 2013
This is a tutorial on how to create your own VBScripts in Langmeier Backup Business and Langmeier Backup Server to intervene in the backup process as you see fit..
Langmeier Backup FAQ 2. März 2015
Why can't I create bootable media from my USB flash drive? | Langmeier Backup News | Backup & Restore with Langmeier's Backup Software
Langmeier Backup 23. September 2014
A data loss is an unpleasant event for every PC user. However, it is always the same causes that lead to a malfunction.
Urs Langmeier 7. Juni 2014
Jakobsoftware's new retail starter pack offers resellers new opportunities for selling Langmeier Backup.
Sebastian Müller 18. August 2014
Langmeier Backup Software celebrates its 10th anniversary - and our distributors Jakobsoftware, MEICO-Data and Hexacom join in the celebration.
Urs Langmeier 28. Dezember 2012
With Langmeier Backup you can restore a previously backed up complete Windows operating system. Here we show you how.
Urs Langmeier 8. November 2013
Backup and restore virtual servers, Langmeier Backup V-Flex is the specialist for this. Read more in this tutorial.
Langmeier Backup 24. Juni 2013
What are the most common causes of data loss? Do you also use a data backup program to prevent it..
Langmeier Backup 5. März 2013
Langmeier Backup has gone to the dogs... | Langmeier Backup | Backup & Restore with Langmeier Backup Software
Sebastian Müller 12. Dezember 2013
10 years of Langmeier Backup: interview with Urs Langmeier | Backup & Restore with Langmeier Backup software
Sebastian Müller 10. Oktober 2014
When setting up backups, there are small details that are sometimes overlooked. We show you typical mistakes made during Langmeier backup setup..
Langmeier Backup 20. März 2015
Backing up the desktops of all local users is easy with Langmeier Backup. Here's how to do this data backup in just a few steps..
Langmeier Backup FAQ 21. Januar 2015
Here we describe for you how to back up data in a historicized or versioned manner using the Langmeier Backup program..
Urs Langmeier 27. Januar 2014
Migrating Windows XP to Newer Systems | Langmeier Backup FAQ | Backup & Restore with Langmeier Backup Software read more
Urs Langmeier 25. April 2012
Backing up data to Google Drive | Langmeier Backup Magazine | Backup & Restore with Langmeier Backup Software read more
Langmeier Backup 23. August 2016
The Langmeier Backup 9.1.172 fixes issues with magnetic tape support. read more
Magazine 1. August 2014
What are the key questions every company should ask regarding data backup in order to make it BSI-compliant?
Urs Langmeier 4. September 2014
Many don't realize how important their stored data is until the first system crash occurs and much of the data is lost. Take preventative measures.
News 29. Oktober 2014
KMU 7. Oktober 2014
The topic of enterprise data backup: The importance of backup testing is usually forgotten.
Langmeier Backup 23. Januar 2015
When an external disk fails to eject at the end of a backup, the "removable bit" is often to blame. Here's the solution.
Urs Langmeier 3. November 2013
What to do if the automatic network backup does not start? | Backup & Restore with Langmeier Backup Software
Langmeier Backup 27. November 2014
The advantages of disk backup solutions are obvious: shorter backup windows, significantly faster recovery, and easier handling..
Langmeier Backup FAQ 26. Februar 2013
Windows system folders are often protected from access. Backing them up generates useless error messages. Here's how to get rid of them.
Langmeier Backup 14. Januar 2021
Want to know why Langmeier Backup is special? Read on! read more
Channel 2. Dezember 2013
Thanks to the new Reseller Locator, our customers can easily and conveniently search for a reseller near them. read more
Urs Langmeier 24. August 2012
In Langmeier Backup, backup folders can be created dynamically. For example, always back up data to the folder for the current day of the week.
Sebastian Müller 3. November 2014
When backing up data to the network with Langmeier Backup, keep these four points in mind. | Backup & Restore with Langmeier Backup Software
Urs Langmeier 15. Februar 2013
If you want to back up Windows permissions, Langmeier Backup makes it easy. But there are a few technical limitations, which are explained here.
Langmeier Backup FAQ 16. Oktober 2013
How does a company make its data backup secure? How to set up RDX disks, NAS backup and backup processes in the best possible way? Here are the answers.
Langmeier Backup Magazine 3. Februar 2015
The problem of insecure passwords on the Internet is a well-known phenomenon. Here are top 10 most insecure passwords.
Urs Langmeier 31. März 2014
World Backup Day on March 31 is to remind users around the world of the need to back up their data..
Urs Langmeier 16. September 2014
Gerd Leonhard is a futurist and consultant on the future. He talks to Langmeier Software about future technologies, loss of privacy, etc.
Langmeier Backup News 21. August 2014
Have you also witnessed wanting to buy a new PC and hardly being able to distinguish which one now has the better processor while searching?
Nicole Moor 13. Mai 2011
Image backup from old to new computer? | Backup & Restore with Langmeier Backup Software read more
Urs Langmeier 25. Juni 2013
Why do few customers respond to the email newsletters I send them? Have you ever wondered the same thing?
Langmeier Backup 19. Februar 2015
Here we describe how to manage your Langmeier licenses and SMS credit. | Backup & Restore with the Langmeier Backup Software
Langmeier Backup 27. April 2013
Langmeier Backup 8 is test winner at PCtipp and OnlinePC | Backup & Restore with Langmeier Backup Software
Langmeier Backup Magazine 24. Februar 2015
The number of Internet users worldwide grew by nearly seven percent in 2014, surpassing the three billion user mark.
Urs Langmeier 9. Mai 2014
Data is the real asset of any business. We've put together four questions you can ask your IT admin about backup. read more
Urs Langmeier 25. Juni 2012
Can I make Langmeier Backup run faster? | Langmeier Backup FAQ | Backup & Restore with Langmeier Backup Software read more
Langmeier Backup Magazine 4. November 2014
How much does data loss cost? | Langmeier Backup News. | Backup & Restore with Langmeier Backup Software
Magazine 10. Juni 2013
Statement on Prism and the security of cloud services | Backup & Restore with Langmeier Backup Software
KMU 8. Juli 2013
In the wake of the NSA and Prism scandal, how is it still possible to take advantage of the cloud and still be safe from data espionage? The solution is called Langmeier Backup.
Langmeier Backup FAQ 19. Februar 2015
If a partition is inaccessible and locked during backup, it has a simple reason: the partition has too little space for the VSS service. We will show you the solution to this.. read more
Urs Langmeier 29. Februar 2012
Where does Langmeier Backup store its data? | Langmeier Backup FAQ | Backup & Restore with Langmeier Backup Software read more
Urs Langmeier 3. Januar 2013
Companies that value business process optimization have happier customers, lower costs, and lower error rates than companies that don't care about business process optimization. Read how you can start optimizing your business processes now here..
Urs Langmeier 13. Januar 2021
Want to keep your company data in real safety? Our backup expert tips show you how..
Urs Langmeier 16. August 2012
How to proceed if Langmeier Backup doesn't automatically run your scheduled backup. Tips and tricks that will help.
Urs Langmeier 12. August 2014
The smartphone has become an integral part of our generation, but why is everyone using it and is our social behavior suffering as a result?
Sebastian Müller 25. April 2013
Langmeier presents the new version of aBusiness at Unternehmer-Treff of the Swiss SME Association. Many visitors learned about the benefits of aBusiness.
Langmeier Backup 14. Januar 2021
That's why Langmeier Backup offers just the right features for enterprise backups.. read more
SME Data Backup 11. Juli 2013
SMEs and large companies have complex structures. One is distributed over different locations. How then is a reliable data backup carried out?
Langmeier Backup News 31. Mai 2013
Langmeier Backup 8 wins Business&IT Award | Langmeier Backup | Backup & Restore with Langmeier Backup Software
Reseller 15. Dezember 2014
We are not interested in traffic, clicks, online time or other metrics. We want to reach customers with the Langmeier Backup program and, of course, convince as many of them as possible to use our product..
Urs Langmeier 29. August 2014
Still young in Europe, already widespread in the USA. The slightly different way to finance a project is called crowdfunding.
Urs Langmeier 31. Dezember 2014
Skilled worker shortage: a myth? | Langmeier Backup News | Backup & Restore with Langmeier Backup Software
Urs Langmeier 28. August 2014
The reasons why young companies have to give up after a few years are manifold. Inform here five important causes or dangers.
Urs Langmeier 17. Oktober 2014
A great way to successfully and quickly get your foot in the door after graduation is to get a job at a startup
Langmeier Backup 12. September 2014
Peter Fröbel presents Langmeier Backup in Nuremberg | Backup & Restore with Langmeier Backup Software
Urs Langmeier 17. Juli 2014
Langmeier Software listens to feedback from its users and has expanded the functionality of its backup products after evaluating user requests.
Urs Langmeier 31. Januar 2011
Stop Services Before Backup | Langmeier Backup | Backup & Restore with Langmeier Backup Software read more
Urs Langmeier 25. Januar 2011 read more
Urs Langmeier 2. Mai 2014
To better meet our customer needs we have improved our customer service hours.
Urs Langmeier 22. September 2012
This article describes how to use automation with Langmeier Backup to build a valuable data protection feature into your systems. read more
Urs Langmeier 12. Mai 2014
The independent consumer portal Netzsieger has tested various backup solutions. Right at the front of the pack is our candidate Langmeier Backup Advanced.
Dirk Knop 18. Dezember 2012
Microsoft fixes security vulnerability in volume shadow copy service | Backup & Restore with Langmeier Backup Software read more
Urs Langmeier 28. Juli 2011
Why is a particular file not being backed up? | Backup & Restore with Langmeier Backup Software read more
Urs Langmeier 1. November 2012
In version 8 of Langmeier Backup it is possible to send SMS to a mobile phone when a backup is completed. Here is a tutorial.
Urs Langmeier 16. August 2012
Every computer, home or office, has valuable information stored on it. Can you afford to lose that data?
Urs Langmeier 9. August 2011
Wake up drive before backup | Langmeier Backup FAQ | Backup & Restore with Langmeier Backup Software read more
Nicole Moor 5. Mai 2011
Backups to external hard drive | Langmeier Backup | Backup & Restore with Langmeier Backup Software read more
Business & Startups 18. Juli 2013
It's just better working with aBusiness! Have you heard? A month ago, aBusiness 2.0 was released. Along with the new version aBusiness has been significantly enhanced with the components. Warehouse and item management. accounts payable Tas...
Urs Langmeier 25. Juli 2013
The offer portal has been relying on the aBusiness business software since May 2013 and has enjoyed groundbreaking success. A best-practice guide on how to implement a tailor-made CRM solution in an innovative market environment.
Urs Langmeier 18. April 2011
The difference between good and bad websites Backup & Restore with Langmeier Backup Software read more
Urs Langmeier 19. Januar 2011
Why doesn't Langmeier Backup delete the files from the backup if they have been deleted from the computer? read more
Nicole Moor 7. März 2011
Take a backup annually? | Langmeier Backup Data Security | Backup & Restore with Langmeier Backup Software read more
Nicole Moor 12. Mai 2011
Backup data automatically as soon as internet connection is available | Backup & Restore with Langmeier Backup Software read more
Urs Langmeier 24. Juli 2011
Langmeier Software now offers better support | Backup & Restore with Langmeier Backup Software read more
Urs Langmeier 23. Juni 2011
Who can meet the important from the unimportant, has more success in life. Why is that and how do you prioritize correctly
Langmeier Backup FAQ 14. Januar 2021
Want to know what features Langmeier Backup Business offers? This way read more
Urs Langmeier 31. März 2011
Langmeier Backup does it: Backup to Pogoplug | Backup & Restore with Langmeier Backup Software read more
Nicole Moor 3. März 2011
Follow Langmeier Software on Twitter! | Langmeier Backup News | Backup & Restore with Langmeier Backup Software read more
Urs Langmeier 22. September 2012
The Bülach Chamber Orchestra opens its presale for the "Hansel and Gretel" opera tonight. Powered and supported by Langmeier Software aBusiness.
Urs Langmeier 19. Januar 2011
New: Langmeier Software News-Magazine | Langmeier Backup News | Backup & Restore with Langmeier Backup Software read more
aBusiness FAQ 30. April 2013
Well-optimized processes are the cornerstone of success, and not just in saturated markets. A market player that has optimized its processes better than anyone else has an immense advantage over its competitors.Example: a printing company ... read more

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