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Which backup software does not create an image? The advantages of a data-based backup

In today's digital world, backing up our data is crucial. In this regard, backup technology has evolved over time and there are a variety of software solutions on the market. Traditional backup methods often involve creating image backups, where a complete image of the system is created. However, there are also modern data-based backup software solutions that offer an alternative approach. In this blog article, we will look at the benefits of a data-based backup and examine some of the leading backup software products that do not create an image.

A data backup keeps computers and files safe

The difference between image and data-based backups

Before we get into the specific backup solutions, let's take a quick look at the difference between image and data-based backups.

Image backups: an image backup creates an exact copy of the entire system or partition, including the operating system, all programs, settings and data. It provides a full recovery option, but it requires more storage space and time to perform and restore.

Data-based backups: in contrast, a data-based backup solution backs up only the actual files and data. It focuses only on backing up the important information and allows selective recovery of individual files or folders, which saves time and storage space.

Advantages of data-based backup software

1.Efficient storage: data-based backup takes up less storage space because it stores only the data that is needed. This is especially beneficial for users with limited storage space on their backup media or in the cloud.

2.Faster backup and restore: Because only selected files are backed up, the backup process is faster, saving time and resources. Restoring individual files is also much more efficient, as there is no need to restore the entire system or a partition.

3. Flexibility in selecting data to back up: Data-based backups allow users to select specific files or folders to be backed up. This is especially helpful when only specific data is important and a full system restore is not required.

4.Space-saving long-term archiving: Data-based backups can be archived more cost-effectively long-term in the cloud or on external media due to their lower storage requirements.

Recommended backup software without image creation

  • Langmeier Backup offers an advanced data-based backup solution that enables fast and efficient backup of important files and folders. The software is characterized by its ease of use and user-friendly interface, which makes it ideal for home users and small businesses.
  • Langmeier Backup is a comprehensive backup solution with multiple backup options. It allows selective backup of files and folders without creating image backups.

  • Langmeier Backup is powerful backup software that offers both image and data-based backup options. Users can choose to backup the entire system or only selected files.


Although image backups can be beneficial for certain use cases, data-based backup software solutions offer an efficient and flexible alternative for backing up important data.

The decision to use data-based backup depends on individual requirements and preferences.

Langmeier Backup offers easy-to-use data-based backup options to protect your valuable data from loss and corruption. Choose the solution that best suits your needs and make sure to perform regular backups to keep your data safe at all times.

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