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Why can't I create bootable media from my USB flash drive?

We all know and fear it, even if it has not yet happened to us, the moment of shock when the system will not start. The PC does not start, the operating system is broken, everything just does not want. Immediately you think of all the data you could lose, the great expense of setting up a new computer, and, and, and, and.

But you are on the safe side if you have created an image backup with Langmeier Backup. Thanks to the existing hard disk image, we are able to restore the operating system. An important part to be able to do this is the bootable emergency media.

Since Langmeier Backup 8, our customers can create the bootable media themselves. One has with our backup software the option between a bootable USB stick and a bootable CD. Once you have created this boot media, you can start Langmeier Backup in the boot environment and restore the operating system.

But what if you want to create a bootable USB stick, but it does not show up under the options? This could be for the following reason:

Langmeier Backup only shows external drives when creating a bootable USB stick, but it could well be that your USB stick is shown by Windows as an internal drive. These are deliberately not shown, for security reasons, so that someone doesn't overwrite an internal drive, otherwise this could have fatal consequences.

How do I know if my USB stick is displayed as an internal or external drive?

In the following image you can see this:

The upper drives are shown as hard drives / internal drives, the lower ones as external hard drives that you can also eject.

Why is my USB flash drive showing as an external drive?

This has to do with the „Removable Bit“.  If this is set incorrectly, it could be that a USB stick is showing as an internal drive. One way to fix this is here.

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