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Incremental backup: safe for frequent adjustments

The secure, legally compliant retention and storage of information is subject to increasingly strict regulations. Regular backup of relevant data is therefore also essential. In addition, financial and time losses can occur as a result of losses. To find the perfect solution for your business, we present incremental backup as one such solution and compare it with other data backup methods.

Data changes safely archived and stored: thanks to incremental backup.

What exactly is an incremental backup?

Incremental backup refers to a data backup method in which changed data is stored in relation to the last full backup, but as separate entities. If an incremental backup is performed, this means that, for example, a full backup is performed on Sunday, whereby all data as well as software and/or the current status of the operating system are fully backed up once. If changes are then made to the data on Monday - for example, if customers change their master data, such as bank details or home addresses, or if orders are received - these are backed up separately. If changes occur again during the following days of the week that need to be backed up directly, they are backed up in the same way on new storage media, i.e. in relation to the previous day of the week. At the end of the week, you would have a complete backup of the previous week and, for example, 5 tapes that would be needed to restore the system in the event of a disaster.

Incremental data backup is particularly useful if you have to make frequent data changes in your company, if many transactions take place or orders are received that you want to be backed up directly, and if you want to use as little storage space as possible. The disadvantage, however, is that all tapes of the week and the last complete backup are needed to restore the system.

Differentiation from other backup types

Another way to back up your data regularly would be to perform a separate full backup every day, i.e. to back up your complete system including all existing data every day. The entirety of the backed up data would then be stored in the same location, which would make system recovery in the event of a disaster and handling much easier. However, it requires many times the storage capacity that would be needed for an incremental backup.

Another data backup method is the differential backup. This is a backup that, based on the above example, backs up all new and changed data every day, saving the previous days up to the last complete backup. In case of an emergency, only 2 tapes, the last complete backup and the "Friday tape" would be necessary for the restore. Whether a backup is incremental or differential depends on how much storage capacity you have and how much effort you can and want to devote to the restore.

Another system used is the so-called grandfather-father-son principle. Here, for example, all data is backed up completely on a monthly basis. This backup would therefore be understood as a "grandfather" backup. Another full backup cycle is created weekly, so that in addition to the one-time monthly backup, 4 weekly backups are created, the "father" backups. The "son" files are backed up daily, either as a full backup or incrementally. So every day either all data or the changes regarding the "father" file are saved. If son or father files are lost, according to this method, also known as the generation principle, the grandfather file would still remain to allow recovery.

Incremental backup on Windows 10 & Windows 7

To create an incremental backup on Windows 10 or Windows 7, Langmeier offers several tools. Open as well as hidden images can be mounted as drives even without system repair after recovery, which simplifies backup and makes configuration and browsing easier. Browser bookmarks and Outlook mailboxes can also be easily backed up using the latest software, Langmeier Backup 9.1. The backup can be started automatically and it only takes a few clicks to save one's data using an incremental backup, but also differentially or in full backup, as desired. The connection to business applications is possible via VB-Script and also alternative storage media are no problem.

Thanks to central backup protocols, 256 bit encryption and the possibility of data backup to ZIP archives, data backup is made easy for you. Under Windows 10, an incremental backup is created quickly and easily with the help of Langmeier.

Incremental data backup: areas of application and suitable storage media

Incremental backups are particularly suitable for companies whose work is based on constant data changes. Incoming and outgoing invoices, orders as well as changes to customer, employee and supplier data, the loss of which would have negative consequences, are examples of such information. Particularly sensitive data, which increases the company's attractiveness to hackers and thus the likelihood of being compromised by malware and espionage, should also be stored and kept secure at frequent intervals. To ensure safekeeping, the storage media must be kept separate from the original files and protected from outside interference. Bank safe-deposit boxes or specially designated rooms, for example, are suitable for this purpose. Since an incremental backup requires both the last complete backup and subsequent individual backups, storage must be arranged accordingly.

If you would like to perform an incremental backup, various storage media are available. Either external hard disks or specially secured and encrypted sticks can be used. There is also the option of backing up your data to a network storage device. However, even a NAS (Network Attached Storage) can be damaged due to power failures, floods or fires, even if it was backed up using RAID mirroring. Backup storage on magnetic tape is similar. These are susceptible to electromagnetic stress and their storage capacity decreases as magnetization decreases, requiring data to be restored after 5-6 years.

Langmeier Backup: the right solution for your company too?

Are you still looking for suitable Backup solutions for your company? No matter whether you want to perform your data backup incrementally, differentially or in the form of full backups, at Langmeier you will find the right software. Whether a data backup according to RAID procedures, an EDP backup copy or the storage of company data on secure external hard drives, with Langmeier you will also find your Microsoft backup favorite. In addition to backup solutions for small businesses, Langmeier also offers suitable software for SMEs and large companies.

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