Own Setup

Equip your computers, laptops and clients with a Langmeier backup customized to your company. If the user decides to buy it, you earn a share..

How it works

The setup customized for you includes your logo. And when a trial user decides to purchase, the user is directed to your store.

Secure your valuable margin as a certified Langmeier backup partner while distributing our software without limitation.

How to get started:

  1. Make sure you are registered in the Reseller Locator as requested. Contact our customer service or your sales contact if a change is needed, or if you are not yet entered into the Reseller Locator..
  2. Download About Setup.
  3. Simply rename the About Setup file name as follows:


    XXXX here represents your reseller id with Langmeier Software. Please request this reseller id from our customer service.

  4. Distribute this setup as many times as you like. You may make an unlimited number of copies of this file. You may distribute this file online and offline on disks, you may pre-install the Langmeier Backup Demo version on computers and laptops..

And here's how Langmeier Backup «About setup» works:

  • About-Setup will first download your logo from the reseller locator at Langmeier Software, as well as retrieve your website URL stored there..
  • About-Setup will always download the latest version of Langmeier Backup from the Internet. from the Internet.
  • The latest version of Langmeier Backup is then installed on the computer.
  • Your logo will now be displayed in the "Help->About Langmeier Backup" dialog. Clicking on the logo will open your web page.
  • If the user now wants to unlock Langmeier Backup via the "Register" function, then your website will be displayed to the user first. On your website the user can then purchase a Langmeier Backup license key.

Internet access required: When installing through the About setup, active internet access is required. If you do not have internet access available, then please use the normal download link for the Langmeier backup setup.

Note: Our Terms of Service require that you feature Langmeier Backup on your website - and that Langmeier Backup can be ordered online through your website during 24 hours each day. If this is not the case, it is against the terms of use of the Langmeier Backup «Über-Setup»-program. We reserve the right to exclude resellers from the Reseller Locator and the Über-Setup program if a violation is discovered.