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How to make a tap-proof backup to FTP over SSL

With Langmeier Backup you can also perform an FTP backup using an optional secure connection to the server, which can be activated independently of the data encryption by the backup software Langmeier Backup. The secure connection to the data backup is established using SSL (not to be confused with sFTP, which connects to the server via SSH - this connection type is not supported by Langmeier Backup).

To have Langmeier Backup communicate with the server via FTP using a secure connection, select the „Secure connection (SSL)“ checkbox in the online backup settings:

Langmeier Backup will also run your FTP backup over a secure SSL connection if desired. The details can be found in this article.


The following table shows the different authentication types that Langmeier Backup can use for this 

Value (FTPSAuth):





No encryption is used.



The data is encrypted with SSL.



The control connection is always encrypted with SSL.



The maximum security setting and the default.



The control connection is encrypted with SSLafter an initial login.



Everything is encrypted after the certificate is sent. This is used by many vendors.



Encrypts and salts the password, using 256-bit AES to ensure stronger protection over a clear connection..



Enables Secure FTP communications over a firewall. This will only work in conjunction with a PowerTCP FTP/SecureFTPServer pairing.



Explicit is used if possible; otherwise no encryption is used on the control connection.



Data and Control connection are encrypted until the user is authenticated, after which the control connection becomes clear text.

By default, Langmeier Backup uses a value of 5 (atExplicitNormal) for a secure connection. To change this default, do the following:

Press the Windows+R key and in the window that appears run the registry editor Regedit.exe.

Copy the desired value from the above table to the "FTPSAuth" value you create in the Windows registry as follows:

Create a 32bit numeric value named "FTPSAuth" in the Windows registry under the key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER - Software - Langmeier Software - Langmeier Backup - Settings

Relatively, if Langmeier Backup is running as a service at:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE- Software - Langmeier Software - Langmeier Backup - Settings

Relatively, if Langmeier Backup is running as a service on Windows 64 bit at:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE - Wow6432Node - Software - Langmeier Software - Langmeier Backup - Settings

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