Difference between file backup and image backup?

A file backup creates a backup of files and folders, or even complete drives with the included files. A image backup, however, copies an entire partition and thus all the bits and bytes that reside on a hard drive partition.

An image backup is performed more quickly when backing up a complete partition. When restoring, the complete partition is restored, or the image is mounted in the Windows workspace as a drive. Thus, individual files and folders can be restored from the image backup. An image backup can also be used to reload the operating system after a system crash. To do this, you need to boot up the PC using bootable rescue media

An image backup is suitable for backing up data of the complete computer to restore a quick backup in case of operating system problems. With an image backup, even crashed servers can be made available again within a short time. If you have bought a new computer, however, it is better to reinstall the operating system and the software used from the original CD instead of importing them from a previously backed up image. If necessary, software downloaded from the Internet can be downloaded from the manufacturer and thus freshly installed. As an advantage, you get an unfragmented, fresh system that runs faster and is free of viruses and malware.

Conclusion: The self-created and collected data, i.e. the My Documents and Downloads, should be backed up with a file backup this is the default data backup mode for the backup software Langmeier Backup. You back up the operating system partition C: using the image backup. In Langmeier Backup, image backup is also called hard disk image backup. Read here how to create an image backup of the whole Windows operating system.

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Reader Comments on Langmeier Backup:

Ein Image macht für mich aber auch für den privaten Bereich Sinn, nicht nur für Server. Zum Beispiel für den Fall eines schweren Virenbefalls oder wenn eine Festplatte defekt ist.

Um sich davor zu schützen, einen Virenbefall mit zu spiegeln, kann man ja immer ein Image einer frischen Installation und mit allen nötigen Anwendungsprogrammen anfertigen â also bevor man den Computer ins Internet lässt. Und danach macht man nur noch inkrementelle Images.

Ich finde, Datei-Backups und Images dienen einfach verschiedenen Zwecken und eins ist so wichtig wie das andere. Gut, wenn eine Sicherungs-Software beides beherrscht.

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