Bring momentum to your career

Your career at Langmeier Software GmbHParticipate in our unique Career Kick Program. Under this program, Langmeier Software employees receive unique coaching from qualified business experts, contacts in other business sectors, colleges and universities, opportunities for exchange semesters, stays abroad, and much more.

Thanks to our flat structures, you will take on responsibility from day one. Thanks to our Free Travel Program, which is open to all employees, Langmeier Software employees are given the opportunity to work abroad or at another desired location in Switzerland on a regular basis for certain periods of time in the form of travel bonuses.

Attractive further training opportunities promote the skills of our employees. We are particularly keen to promote management skills, as we see this as an important attribute in the 21st century.

We are currently seeking employees in the following areas:

  • 2nd and 3rd level support
  • Sales and Customer Support
  • Sales Manager DACH