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Simple copying is not backup. But what is a backup? We explain the backup term and give tips.A RAID disk array as a possible backup medium.

Langmeier Backup is a backup program. But what is a backup? And how do I do a backup properly and professionally? The term "backup" is synonymous with "backup copy" in data processing. But a single copy of a file is not yet a backup, because backup involves more: it is a systematic process. For example, a backup worthy of the name requires at least three copies on different media.


The disks on which backups are run and stored are called backup media.


  • The ultimate goal of any data backup is to be able to restore the data from backup at any time. Among the most important things about a backup, consequently, is to test backing up and restoring regularly, so you can practice for emergencies - losing files - without taking a chance.

The sources of error when creating a backup can be very diverse. A full backup medium, a defective drive or a drive with a loose contact; and great is the risk that the „data backup“ will fail. To reduce this danger, companies are increasingly using two completely independent backup systems. And there is a clearly responsible backup administrator. This is the person in the company who is responsible for the smooth execution of the backups. Periodically, this person reviews the backup logs, and randomly restores files from the backup, thus also practicing the „backup and restore“process regularly.

The 3-2-1 backup rule


To ensure that a backup really qualifies as a backup, you should follow the 3-2-1 rule when creating a backup.

The rule goes like this:

  • 3: Minimum three copies
  • .
  • 2: On a minimum of two different media
  • .
  • 1: One backup stored off-site
Today, there are modern technologies that allow you to keep a backup off-site. These are more convenient and secure than the ominous "carry it home in a suitcase". Options range from full server replication, such as via Synology NAS disk stations, to online backup to a third-party cloud.

What is backup? We are happy to advise you according to your individual needs.


If after reading this article you have now set yourself the goal of taking the subject of backup and data protection a little more seriously, then remember that Langmeier Software offers a backup tool for this purpose. We would be happy to discuss your specific requirements with you. Or you can test the free 30-day demo version of Langmeier Backup.

right now.

Major benefits of the Langmeier backup program

  • Easy to use and flexible - Usable with or without administrator permissions
  • Creates disk images and also backs up individual files
  • .
  • Fast and secure backup
  • Easy Backup and Restore
  • Verification of backup copy
  • Remain independent restore your files without the software
  • .
  • Support included: for one year free support from Switzerland

Save data automatically

Protect all your files.

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