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Don't lose any data, create an image backup now

If you want to make a backup of the complete Windows operating system, you need an image. An image is nothing more than a bit-perfect image of the hard drive. Fortunately, creating a Windows image backup is quite easy in Langmeier Backup.

Creating a Windows Image Backup

  1. Start the "Setup" wizard.
  2. Select "Add" and then "Hard Disk Image..."
  3. In the window that appears, select the drive where your operating system resides (of course, this is usually the C:\ drive).
    What if your computer or laptop won't boot? Take precautions and create a Windows image backup with Langmeier Backup.

  4. Press the ">> Next" button.
  5. If you wish, give the image another name than the one suggested, and now select "Finish".
  6. Your hard drive will now appear in the list of data to be backed up.What if your computer or laptop stops booting? Take precautions and create a Windows image backup with Langmeier Backup.

  7. Press ">> Next."
  8. Select "Local (e.g. to external hard drive, USB stick, etc...)", or "To Network" as the destination.
  9. Press ">> Next".
  10. Now click on the "Select..." button and select a destination folder here for the backup data.
  11. Press ">> Next."
  12. Select the options you want: for example, whether or not to encrypt the image.
    What if your computer or laptop won't boot? Take precautions and create a Windows Image Backup with Langmeier Backup.

  13. Under the "Expert Settings" button, you will find even more options, such as an email notification that you could receive after each backup.
  14. Click on ">> Next".
  15. Input a name for the backup in the text box, for example, "Backup Dell Computer".
  16. Click ">> Next".
  17. Click "Back up right now".
    What if your computer or laptop won't start? Take precautions and create a Windows image backup with Langmeier Backup.

  18. Now click "Finish" and wait for the backup, or Create Windows Backup, to complete. Until the backup is complete, you can of course do other work on the computer (as long as you don't shut down the computer in the process).

Compatibility with different versions of Windows

Can a Windows backup or Windows image be done with any version of Windows? The short answer is yes. Following is a brief overview to confirm, just to eliminate any doubt

Backing up Windows 10

You can easily make a Windows 10 backup or image with Langmeier Backup.

Data Backup Windows 8.1

With Langmeier Backup, you can create a Windows 8.1 backup without any problems.

Data Backup Windows 8

A Windows 8 backup is also no problem with Langmeier Backup.

Backup Windows 7

With Langmeier Backup, you can also perform a Windows 7 data backup with ease.

Restore Windows Backup

But how to restore a Windows image backup? Read how to restore a system backup with Langmeier Backup here

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