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The Pre-Header: Maximize the Impact of Your Email Subject Lines

The pre-header, also known as preview text or email teaser, is the short text that is displayed along with the subject in the preview of an email message before it is opened. It is usually visible just below the subject and provides the recipient with additional information about the content of the email.

the pre-header is important for several reasons:

1. Attract attention

Because the pre-header is displayed directly below the subject line, it can help grab the recipient's attention and pique their interest. A well-written preheader can lead to the recipient opening the email and reading on.

2. Summarize content:

The preheader provides an opportunity to briefly summarize the content of the email or preview the main benefit or offer of the email. This helps the recipient quickly decide if the email is relevant to them and if they want to open it.

3. Provide more information:

The limited space in the subject line can sometimes be insufficient to convey all the important information. The preheader allows you to provide additional information, such as special offers, expiration dates, or call-to-action instructions, to motivate the recipient to take action.

4. Personalization:

The preheader can also include personalized information to create a customized appeal and relevance to the recipient. By including dynamic variables such as the recipient's name or specific information from their profile, you can increase awareness and build stronger engagement.

An email pre-header should be between 30 and 80 characters long. There's also nothing wrong with a call-to-action in the pre-header. Call-to-actions can also be extremely effective in the pre-header text . Use this opportunity to inform readers in the pre-header why you are sending them this email and what action they should take after reading it.

A well-designed preheader can help improve your email open rate, increase the relevance of your message, and encourage the recipient to open the email and read on.

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