How to back up your hard drive properly and not forget anything

Most, if not all, data backups involve a hard drive somewhere. There are other backup media, such as DVDs and magnetic tapes, but the hard drive dominates. So it seems obvious to us to give you a somewhat unorthodox overview here not by function, but by the element of hard disk in data backup.

In these four topics, we'll show you how our backup software can help you:

  • Back up hard drive
  • Backup external hard drive
  • Encrypt hard disk
  • Restore hard disk


Backup Hard Drive

At Langmeier Software, we consider backing up to an external hard drive a good way to back up your data. Since hard drives have huge volumes of data, they are also suitable for creating an entire image of Windows and additionally backing up personal data as a file backup for faster access.

The backup to the hard disk should be made regularly, at least once a month, because it is also to test whether the hard disk backup still works. Unfortunately, it can happen in rare cases that the drive suffers a hard disk crash, the data is no longer readable as a consequence and you have to buy a new hard disk. If you have chosen an SSD hard disk with flash memory from the beginning, this will not happen to you, because this type of hard disk does not have a drive anymore. Price-wise, on the other hand, this is much more expensive than the HDD technology with drive.

Mirroring hard drives is also possible with Langmeier Backup. To do this, create a new backup job and select Disk Image Backup. Not only the hard disk C: with the Windows operating system can be backed up this way, but also other hard disks or partitions can be backed up or mirrored as an image. Do you want to know more about the difference between image backup and file backup?

Another feature that is often sought after is Synchronize hard drives. This can be configured with Langmeier Backup in the „settings for the current job“. There, select the option „Synchronization: Remove deleted files also on backup media“ and your original and backup hard drive will contain the same data at all times.

Is hard drive backup still not safe enough for you this way?

We have a few additional tips

for you
  • Use two hard drives. Connect them to the computer only for backup and do the backup on them alternately. For example, one week backup to hard drive A and the following week backup to hard drive B. Store one of the hard drives outside your home, e.g. at work, so that in the event of a fire you still have a data backup.
  • Make a backup to a hard drive and a backup to the cloud. However, make sure that the data in the cloud is encrypted and that not just anyone can easily access it.
  • Read the comprehensive article here for tips on secure data backup.


Data backup external hard drive

Many of our users use an external hard drive not for backup, but to store additional data. Again, this is not a problem at all with Langmeier Backup. You can use all the features you use for backing up your computer's data for backing up the external hard drive as well:

You can backup data to external hard drive once or at regular intervals. You can easily mirror the external hard drive to the second external hard drive used only for backup, for example, or back up only specific data. Again, make sure that you back up the external hard drive regularly. Especially if it is not about an image backup of Windows, but „only“ about data, the regular backup can be forgotten more easily.

Synchronize drives: You can also synchronize the external hard drive with a second external hard drive.

Encrypt Hard Drive

Langmeier Backup also offers you this function but only concerning the backup. Whether the original data is also already encrypted depends on you. But you can encrypt the backup of the hard disk in any case. For this you have to purchase a License of Langmeier Backup Business.

Which version of Windows you have installed doesn't matter with Langmeier Backup. Whether you are encrypting hard drive backup with Windows 7 or encrypting hard drive with Windows 8, the functionality is identical. And - you've probably already guessed - encrypt hard drive backup with Windows 10 also works without any problems.

Restore hard drive

If you've taken precautions with Langmeier Backup by making regular image backups of entire hard drives or partitions, then you won't have to worry when it becomes necessary to restore your operating system. We have explained exactly how this works with Langmeier Backup here. Remember to make a bootable emergency medium. Then restoring the Windows operating system or recovering hard drives is really child's play.

Data Recovery: If you take good precautions regarding your own data backup on hard disk - whether we are talking about data backup on external hard disk or it is about the internal hard disk - then you will never have to rely on a costly hard disk data recovery, where you can also never be sure whether through the data recovery from hard disk really all your valuable data can be recovered.

Save data automatically

Protect all your files.

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