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Our backup is immune to changed drive letters

Problem - Why does Windows keep having to change drive letters?

For no apparent reason, Windows has „decided“ to assign different drive letters to the external hard drive and everything is different than before. And what happens? The backup fails. Now, as a savvy computer user, you will open your backup software and change the drive letters of your backup destinations. But having to constantly reassign drive letters just isn't fun when backing up data. Isn't there a simpler way to create a backup, you might ask?

The Solution

We developers at Langmeier Backup have recognized this problem and therefore have a solution ready for you for a long time. Set up your PC backup to use the volume name as the backup destination. Instead of setting the backup destination to the drive letter, this is changed to the volume name. Langmeier Backup now recognizes the volume with this name and performs the backup. This also works without any problems when inserting an external disk or connecting the external hard drive.

How to fill in the backup destination correctly in Langmeier Backup.

This is how to correctly fill in the backup destination in Langmeier Backup.

Tip for IT Supporters

It's especially important for you to avoid this problem right from the start, because it's a small cause but can have a big impact. Imagine users where you, as an IT supporter, have set up Langmeier Backup data protection software. After some time, a user calls you and reports that the data backup no longer works. Or you even visit the customer in person as a PC supporter and discover exactly this finding, that the drive letters of the external hard drives have been swapped. This doesn't have to be the case if you access this great, yet simple, functionality of Langmeier Backup from the start and use the disk name instead of the drive letter in the backup.

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