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Natalia Bobro 6. Juni 2024
Booting Windows 11 from a USB stick can be useful in many situations, be it for testing new versions, troubleshooting or data migration. Here you can find out how to boot your computer from a USB stick using either the settings or the boot menu/BIOS.
Company anniversary 30. Mai 2024
20 years ago today, the Swiss software company Langmeier Software saw the light of day.A look back at the company history of our founder Urs Langmeier. In a secluded corner of a simple cellar in Switzerland, eleven-year-old Urs Langmeier discovered ... read more
Langmeier Backup FAQ 30. Mai 2024
The Langmeier Backup rescue medium is a bootable medium that allows users to restore their system if it no longer boots properly. With the rescue medium, you can access your backed up data and restore your system from a previously created image back...
Natalia Bobro 23. Mai 2024
Data backup is an indispensable part of modern digital life, whether for companies or private individuals. But how should backups be carried out? Automatically or manually? In this post, we take a look at the pros and cons of both approaches to help you decide which method is best for your needs.
Natalia Bobro 26. März 2024
In an increasingly digitalized world where companies are dependent on data, backup tests and disaster recovery exercises play a crucial role in the security and continuity of business processes. An effective backup system alone is not enough to function reliably in an emergency. Regular testing is essential to ensure that backups are performed correctly, data integrity is guaranteed and recovery processes run smoothly. These tests help to identify and fix potential vulnerabilities early on, which ultimately helps to minimize downtime, save money and ensure business continuity.
Natalia Bobro 13. März 2024
Langmeier Backup: The ideal backup solution for digital creatives. Automated processes, cloud integration and individual profiles offer maximum protection for creative works. In an emergency, the software enables fast recovery. Environmentally conscious and flexible - the perfect addition for effective data management.
Cloud security 15. Februar 2024
Data is a tool of the modern digitized economy, or the new gold of companies (private sector), but also for the state (public sector). In today's digitalized world, there is an unstoppable stream of new data records that end up on the Internet in lar... read more
Natalia Bobro 15. Februar 2024
In 2024, data protection will play a central role in companies' strategies. By increasing budgets, introducing innovative technologies and taking a holistic approach to data protection, companies are not only striving to meet legal requirements, but also to strengthen customer confidence in the handling of sensitive data.
Natalia Bobro 5. Februar 2024
The cost of data loss to a business is complex and goes beyond the obvious recovery costs. Loss of productivity, loss of reputation, customer churn, legal consequences and the need for security enhancements are all crucial factors that need to be considered when calculating the overall impact. Therefore, investing in comprehensive data security measures is an economically sound decision to avoid long-term damage and maintain the trust of customers and partners.
Natalia Bobro 24. Januar 2024
The impact of data loss can be significant, ranging from business damage to downtime and the need to close businesses. Prevention through regular backups, employee training and effective cybersecurity measures is crucial to minimize the negative consequences.
Natalia Bobro 19. Januar 2024
ISO/IEC 27001 is an essential part of modern information security practices. Implementing an effective backup system, as provided by Langmeier Backup, is not just a recommendation but a requirement to ensure the integrity, confidentiality and availability of information. By combining ISO/IEC 27001 with robust backup management, organizations can not only meet security standards but also protect their business from the threats of the digital age.
Jonas Diesselberg 21. Dezember 2023
Digital marketing strategies are essential for start-ups. Find out how to get started with online marketing and other tangible tips and answers here!
Natalia Bobro 31. Oktober 2023
Choosing the right backup system is critical to ensuring that your data is protected and can be recovered in the event of data loss. Here are some of the most common questions you should ask yourself when choosing a backup system:
Natalia Bobro 11. September 2023
Backing up your data is crucial to prevent data loss and disasters. There are many backup solutions on the market, but Langmeier Backup stands out as one of the best options. Here are some reasons why Langmeier Backup can be considered the best tool for data backup:
Natalia Bobro 31. August 2023
Discover the benefits of the disk-to-disk-to-cloud approach to data protection. Learn how this innovative technology provides speed, security and scalability in data storage. Learn about modern data management and backup strategies for your business.
Alexander Vogt 14. August 2023
Back up your operating system and all data with Langmeier Backup's image backup feature. Learn how bootable emergency media can help you restore the system in case of an emergency. Protect yourself against data loss, system failures and virus attacks. Discover the benefits of image backups and gain insight into the expertise of Urs Langmeier, founder of Langmeier Backup.
Natalia Bobro 7. August 2023
Discover aBusiness: the flexible and customizable open source business software that enables you to design your most optimal business processes. With built-in Microsoft Office™ support, open interfaces and multi-tenancy, aBusiness delivers agility and efficiency to your business. Choose between cloud or on-premise options and benefit from a role-based authorization concept.
Natalia Bobro 7. August 2023
Canonical links are an important way to deal with duplicate content and improve search engine optimization (SEO). But used incorrectly, they can cause significant damage. In this article, we have highlighted the most common mistakes in dealing with canonical links and how you can avoid them to successfully optimize your website.
Natalia Bobro 6. August 2023
Welcome to Langmeier's world of apps! We are proud to introduce our latest business software, perfect for any industry that sells services or products. Whether you are a beverage supplier or a logistics company, our solution will help you streamline your operations and increase your productivity.
Natalia Bobro 6. August 2023
Learn how artificial intelligence and digital overseers are transforming business leadership. Automating data analysis and consequence drawing leads to more efficient teams and allows bosses to focus on strategic tasks. Discover the benefits of this evolution for your business.

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