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Natalia Bobro 15. März 2023
The variety of backup methods: from full to incremental to differential and mirror backup. There are different backup types such as full backup, incremental backup, differential backup and mirror backup. In the following we describe the different ba...
Urs Langmeier 7. Februar 2023
Langmeier Software has just released the 12th version of its backup software Langmeier Backup. The new version features increased stability and meets the high requirements for reliable data backup for Windows laptops, desktops and servers. The highlight is the ability to back up folders and files to the aBusiness Cloud platform, increasing productivity.
Langmeier Backup FAQ 4. November 2022
Windows 7 support has already been expired by Microsoft. If someone should still use Langmeier Backup under Windows 7, and want to use it to back up data to the aBusiness Suite Cloud, then the following error may occur under Windows 7: "Access to on... read more
IT Security 14. November 2021
If you don't know the steps to prevent social engineering scams, then this article is for you. This article contains tips on how to avoid being manipulated by hackers who want to steal your personal information. read more
Urs Langmeier 1. Februar 2021
Pfäffikon SZ, February 1, 2021 - Langmeier Software today announces version 2021 of its backup solutions for professional enterprise use..
Langmeier Backup 14. Januar 2021
Want to know why Langmeier Backup is special? Read on! read more
Langmeier Backup 14. Januar 2021
That's why Langmeier Backup offers just the right features for enterprise backups.. read more
Langmeier Backup FAQ 14. Januar 2021
Want to know what features Langmeier Backup Business offers? This way read more
Urs Langmeier 13. Januar 2021
Want to keep your company data in real safety? Our backup expert tips show you how..
Business & Startup 9. Mai 2020
The results of a survey of commercial complaint handling revealed the following:For every complaining customer, there are 26 other disgruntled ones whodon't come forwardBad experiences are passed on to 8 - 16 peopleon average. 10% of customers even t... read more
SME Data Backup 5. Oktober 2018
The correct storage of data ensures the long-term success of a business, because data loss can have devastating consequences. An incremental backup is particularly suitable for backing up your data on a regular basis.. read more
SME Data Backup 5. Oktober 2018
Are you looking for a data backup method that reliably backs up frequent data adjustments and changes in a timely manner? A differential backup will help you meet this challenge. read more
SME Data Backup 4. Oktober 2018
Data and information are not just tools that companies work with, but basic building blocks of any business. A proper data protection and related backup strategy for your businesses is therefore essential.. read more
Magazine 5. April 2018
March 31 is World Backup Day, but why is backing up data so important? How and where should I start? How do I do it systematically so nothing is forgotten? We're here to help.
Lorenzo Mancini 2. März 2018
If you want to restore an image of your operating system with Langmeier Backup, you will need a bootable rescue medium. To create this with Langmeier Backup, proceed as follows: 1.Click in the menu bar, in the upper part of the main window, on &bdqu...
15. Dezember 2017
The Langmeier Backup backup program has 100% satisfied resellers! Here is a summary of our reseller surveys from February 2017..
Langmeier Backup 26. Juni 2017
Windows Backup from Langmeier Software protects against data loss from virus attacks, ransomware, and hardware failures, among other things, in both professional and personal data environments..
Langmeier Backup FAQ 8. Juni 2017
Malware can render data unusable. Set up an automatic backup with Langmeier Backup to avoid being blackmailed!
Langmeier Backup 13. Februar 2017
Have you already created a backup concept? Are you familiar with backup terms such as differential backup and incremental backup?
Langmeier Backup FAQ 13. Dezember 2016
SSD is the new technology which starts our Windows in just a few seconds, but Perfect SSD are not yet, we explain what you need to look out for when backing up SSD..

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