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Which data to back up? Here's how to make the right decision

The crucial question of any data backup with your data backup program is:

Which data should I back up and which not?

It's worth thinking about: if you back up too much data, you'll need more storage capacity, it will take longer to back up, etc. We provide an answer here that you can apply regardless of whether Langmeier Backup is in use at your home or business.

Perspective Programs

Back up data and databases from programs that you work with on a daily basis and that are very important to your business. Don't forget to back up Outlook emails as well, so your emails and contacts don't get lost

Prospect Documents and Data

Back up your important documents that pertain to work or personal life. Have you also thought about backing up vacation pictures and personal videos? Maybe you have ever lost a picture that was very important to you? Therefore, back up all your valuable pictures.

When backing up data, also remember the following folders:

Back up the "My Documents" folder: This is where you created documents that took hours of work to create. These files belong in every backup. Directories containing a graphic artist's graphics, a musician's sheet music, a programmer's source code, or an author's manuscripts also belong in every backup. Also, consider whether it might be worth your while to back up these directories historically so that you can go back to earlier versions of the files later if needed.

"C:\Documents and Settings": This directory contains program-specific data, such as emails from Outlook Express.

Other examples of important folders: project directories, directories with accounting data, directories with databases, directories with source codes or manuscripts

In Langmeier Backup you have the option to select a lot of important data at once with one click:

Perspective operating system

Windows backup: Back up your entire operating system, too, so you can quickly restore Windows in an emergency.

Better back up a little too much, than too little. Back up all the data that is important to you, even if it's data you don't currently need. A systematic backup can save you a lot of headaches, nerves and money.

Now all you have to do is put backing up your data into action.

That's no problem at all with our Langmeier backup software.

Back up the data where?

There are many, different backup media to choose from:

  • External hard drives, USB sticks
  • Network
  • Online: NAS, Cloud, FTP server
  • CD/DVD
  • Magnetic tape

Langmeier Backup 9 supports all these media

But which backup medium is best for you?

For data and image backups, the external hard drive is an inexpensive and good alternative. After backing up data to the external hard drive, you can disconnect it from the computer or laptop and store it in a safe place in case the computer would no longer be usable due to a power surge, theft, or other circumstances.

Backing up to NAS also offers many advantages.

If you want to keep data in a safe for several years, then magnetic tape is a good alternative. The backups take a little longer in terms of time, but magnetic tapes can easily be stored for several years.

Backing up to the cloud is very popular today. However, one should pay attention to encryption and security when doing so.

It is not recommended to back up important data to CD/DVD as here a small scratch is enough to make the data unreadable. In addition, dust or too strong sunlight can also damage the media.

Checking backup logs

When backing up data, it is important to control it. You should check the logs after each backup of your data backup program to clean up errors as soon as possible. You can set up checking very conveniently. You can have the logs delivered to you via email; Via SMS to your mobile phone is also an option. You can even configure it to print the log right after the backup is complete.

Then you know whether the backup was successful or not. All of this is no problem with Langmeier Backup:

Regular backup testing

One point many users forget is to regularly run backup tests. Run such tests at least once a month by restoring a few files to be sure everything is running correctly.

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