The difference between good and bad websites

The question of what distinguishes a good website from a bad one is one that has been coming up frequently for me lately when colleagues point out to me, good-willedly, that they don't have a particularly good website.

In my humble opinion, a website is good if it helps a company achieve its stated goals.

That's because a company often expects a website to:

  • to present itself professionally with the website
  • to make the company's offerings known
  • to interest and attract new customers

But what do visitors to a website particularly value? A study by the magazine "IT-Markt" (issue 10/2000) provides clarity here:

  • 97% want content and offers of high quality,
  • 92.8% value timeliness,
  • 85.5% place value on clarity,
  • 82.1% prefer extensive content,
  • 71.1% pay particular attention to contact options with the provider,

Images provide website visitors with emotions - text provides clarity. No one wants to be deceived - so it's easy to understand why visitors like to be presented with extensive text and, more importantly, facts on a website. Emotions can easily override facts and make other facts seem unimportant. Providers who convey messages primarily on an emotional level have the opportunity to manipulate their visitors in a very targeted manner. It is clear that this cannot be in the interest of the visitors - and yet it can be a website with which the provider achieves his goals by generating sales and loyal customers. However, I believe that this is morally indefensible, because with this method one could sell customers products that are bad - and the customers would not even notice that they are buying bad products. That is why Langmeier Software GmbH always wants to provide its visitors with clarity and show facts - we deliberately refrain from emotional manipulation. If there were a seal of approval for this, Langmeier Software would be one of the first companies to receive it.

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About the Author , Founder and CEO of Langmeier Software GmbH
Urs Langmeier Urs Langmeier is founder and CEO of Langmeier Software GmbH and thus responsible for the strategic further development of Langmeier software solutions.

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