Smartly Designing IT Setup

A smart office design keeps the modern man fit and healthy.

Computers and the Internet have long been taken for granted. All the more surprising is the fact that there are still offices, workshops and home offices with PCs whose computers, monitors, printers and Internet connections offer the latest technology, but where the IT furniture is concerned, the savings are clear to see. However, the wrong attitude in the choice of IT furnishings is only recognized when the consequences occur. And these can be very different. From back pain and associated work absences to disabilities in daily work and associated loss of income.
 IT furniture is a good partner for success
 When choosing IT equipment, it is first important to determine for what purposes computers and the Internet are needed. An automotive workshop, for example, has different requirements for IT furniture than a woodworking business or an office. But also the PC workstation in the home office should meet the professional requirements of an IT facility similar to the office.
 Ergonomics at the workplace
 Actually an old hat, you would think, because healthy office furniture are no longer a novelty. Unfortunately, reality paints a different picture, one that has nothing to do with healthy office furniture. With the right combination of swivel chair, computer desk and daylight, an excellent IT workplace can be created quickly and easily. The rules apply equally to the office, workshop and home office.
 What is important in a swivel chair
 Movement is the central element, even when working with a PC while sitting. Poor swivel chairs do not allow the spine to move. This movement is important to ensure that the spine is sufficiently supplied with blood. A rigid posture paralyses blood circulation and leads to severe back pain. Many manufacturers of office furniture offer swivel chairs whose backrests can be moved independently of the seat surface – so does the company KAISER+KRAFT. So even when sitting, you can move your spine by rocking slightly. The light rocking movements are quite sufficient to sufficiently circulate the spine.
 Despite all the technology, you should still not refrain from taking a break in between and move a little. Simple exercises to relax the back and neck muscles in particular are very helpful, like this relaxation exercise here on 
 What the screen has to do with uncomfortable neck pain
 Sitting on the correct chair, the next thing you should do is adjust the screen ergonomically. Here, the upper edge of the screen should be at eye level when the body is in an upright position. Anyone who works a lot with a laptop regularly adopts an incorrect posture. A stand that brings the laptop screen to the correct height can help here. With an external keyboard and mouse, the laptop can then be used for longer periods of time without getting a painful neck.
 Getting the workstation in the right light
 Daylight often competes with the light from the monitor. If the workstation is poorly aligned, daylight blinds the eyes and the monitor is difficult to read. This strains concentration and leads to pain. Either change the workstation until the eyes are no longer dazzled, or if this is not possible, darken the windows until comfortable working is possible.
 Technical infrastructure today and tomorrow
 Whoever sets up an IT workstation should also consider the technical infrastructure. Especially important are electrical connections, of which, according to experience, you can never have enough. If possible, you should also plan cable tunnels, which make the subsequent wiring of devices easy and hide the cables nicely for the eye. After all, an IT workstation should not only be functional and ergonomically correct, but also give a neat impression.


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