Langmeier Backup does it: Backup to Pogoplug

The following comment left by a website visitor was taken to heart in the development of Langmeier Backup 7.1:

"We use Langmeier Backup for FTP backup of our data. For this purpose, we have installed a NAS hard drive with FTP server function in an apartment located in another part of town."

The idea of transferring a backup daily to another district via the internet is a good one. For a manager, this is the most convenient solution of a backup. In larger companies, a data backup officer is often designated. His job is to get the backup media to another location: to the bank, to home, to the archive. Owners of not-so-large companies quite often have to do this job all by themselves - they themselves bear the responsibility for a carefree backup. Thanks to Pogoplug, it is now possible to drastically simplify this job. You connect the Pogoplug to a USB hard drive and plug in the network cable. That way, you can access that USB hard drive in a different part of the world. And that's why Langmeier Backup now offers support for Pogoplug in version 7.1.

The Pogoplug is available at most major department stores and electronics specialty stores (e.g. Media-Markt).

About the Author , Founder and CEO of Langmeier Software GmbH
Urs Langmeier Urs Langmeier is founder and CEO of Langmeier Software GmbH and thus responsible for the strategic further development of Langmeier software solutions.

Reader Comments on Langmeier Backup:

Gibt's den Pogoplug auch mit direkt eingebauter Festplatte, oder muss man immer eine eigene anhängen? Gruss, waldi65

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