Langmeier Backup Reseller Survey-2017

Langmeier Backup

Reseller Satisfaction Survey 2017

Langmeier Software is once again conducting a satisfaction survey of Langmeier Backup resellers in 2017. In the survey participated 195 companies who as resellers, offer the software to their customers and support them with configuration and maintenance. Thus, resellers are the best target group to give a well-founded and professional opinion about Langmeier Backup.


On the following pages you can see the evaluated results of the Reseller Survey 2017.


The survey was primarily structured based on these topics:

-Importance of digital data to businesses and their customers

-Satisfaction with Langmeier backup(functionality and clarity)

-Reliability of Langmeier Backup over its lifetime

-Comparison to other backup solutions and main purpose of use

-Price/performance ratio

-Satisfaction with support


At the beginning of the survey, we asked Langmeier Backup resellers what they thought was the importance of digitally stored data

Scale questions: from 1(very) to 5(not at all)

Question1: How essential are digitally stored records to the functionality of your business?

Question2: How important is a reliable backup system to your business?

Next, we wanted to know from the resellers how satisfied they are with Langmeier Backup in general, with particular emphasis on functionality and ease of use.

Scale questions: from 1(very) to 5(not at all)

Question3: How satisfied are you with the Langmeier Backup Software?


Question4: How user friendly is the Langmeier backup software? (Only something for professionals or also clearly designed for beginners?)


The next two questions are designed to give a sense of how secure resellers feel about using Langmeier Backup, and the length of use is a clear indicator that underscores this point.


Scale question: from 1(very) to 5(not at all)

Question5: How secure do you feel, in terms of your data and the systems you use, thanks to Langmeier Backup?


Question6: How long have you been using Langmeier Backup?


In this part of the survey, we wanted to know if the resellers also use other backup solutions and thus can draw a direct comparison as far as the range of functions is concerned. And for what purpose Langmeier Backup is used by them.


Question7: Do you also use other backup software?


Question8: What is the Langmeier backup used for at your company?

A very important point is satisfaction with the price/performance ratio and how this affects whether people recommend Langmeier Backup to others.


Scale question: from 1(very good) to 5(not good)

Question9: How would you rate the price/performance ratio of Langmeier software?


Question10: Would you recommend Langmeier Backup to friendly colleagues?

Question11: How did you become aware of Langmeier Backup

Question12: How often do you use Langmeier Backup?


Question13(a): Have you had any contact with the Langmeier Backup support team?

Scale question: from 1(very) to 5(not at all)

Question13(b): If yes, how satisfied were you with Langmeier Backup's support team?


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