How to write an interesting newsletter

A newsletter should always surprise its readers.

Email newsletters: everyone knows about them, hardly anyone reads them. That's true at least if some basics of good newsletters are violated. We'll show you why these messages are often ignored and how to avoid mistakes in the following five points.

If you have no news worth mentioning, you shouldn't be sending out newsletters. Just ask yourself if the content in your email would interest you if you were your own customer. If that's not the case, you don't need the newsletter. So don't stubbornly follow a certain publishing cycle, but only target your customers when you really have interesting news to share.

Short and crisp: This is how the introduction of a newsletter should be. Avoid too general statements and don't start with references to the nice weather. You want to tell your customer about a groundbreaking development in your company? Then let the cat out of the bag right in the first sentence.

Remember that we no longer live in the age of desktop computers. Even on smartphones and tablets, your email should remain legible at all times. Incorrect line breaks, huge graphics that only look good on desktop monitors, or fonts that are too small dampen the customer's anticipation of your newsletters quite considerably. Therefore, use tools to determine in advance how your email will look on all relevant devices.

Personalize your emails. If you send the same newsletter to customers from a wide range of industries, perhaps 15% of recipients will feel attracted to it – and the remaining 85% will not be interested in the content of your newsletter at all. So try to be as responsive as possible to each individual customer, even if it means extra work.

Remember that you always need a goal. If you jump back and forth randomly between different topics in your newsletter, the customer will lose the thread and thus lose interest. Always report on one or two topics at a time – you can then cover the rest in just as much detail next time.

We hope you will read through the next newsletter from Langmeier Backup or aBusiness with interest and if it breaks any of the above rules, let us know immediately!

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About the Author , Founder and CEO of Langmeier Software GmbH
Urs Langmeier Urs Langmeier is founder and CEO of Langmeier Software GmbH and thus responsible for the strategic further development of Langmeier software solutions.

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