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SME Data Backup October 5, 2018
Are you looking for a data backup method that reliably backs up frequent data adjustments and changes in a timely manner? A differential backup will help you meet this challenge. read more
SME Data Backup October 5, 2018
The correct storage of data ensures the long-term success of a business, because data loss can have devastating consequences. An incremental backup is particularly suitable for backing up your data on a regular basis.. read more
SME Data Backup October 4, 2018
Data and information are not just tools that companies work with, but basic building blocks of any business. A proper data protection and related backup strategy for your businesses is therefore essential.. read more
SME October 7, 2014
The topic of enterprise data backup: The importance of backup testing is usually forgotten. read more
SME July 8, 2013
In the wake of the NSA and Prism scandal, how is it still possible to take advantage of the cloud and still be safe from data espionage? The solution is called Langmeier Backup. read more
Business & Startups January 3, 2013
Companies that value business process optimization have happier customers, lower costs, and lower error rates than companies that don't care about business process optimization. Read how you can start optimizing your business processes now here.. read more
Business & Startups April 25, 2013
Langmeier presents the new version of aBusiness at Unternehmer-Treff of the Swiss SME Association. Many visitors learned about the benefits of aBusiness. read more
SME Data Backup July 11, 2013
SMEs and large companies have complex structures. One is distributed over different locations. How then is a reliable data backup carried out? read more
Business & Startups July 18, 2013
It's simply better to work with aBusiness! Have you heard? A month ago aBusiness 2.0 was released. Along with the new version aBusiness has been significantly extended by the components Stock and article management Accounts payable Task and pro... read more