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Marc Stieger: „aBusiness is the most flexible business software I have come across. Comprehensive and yet easy to use for our employees. A strong package without unnecessary bells and whistles.“

The Swiss offer portal Offerten24 is not only breaking new ground in bringing sellers and buyers together, but also in its choice of business software. With aBusiness, the offer portal has consistently relied on a powerful CRM solution since May 2013 that adapts to Offerten24's innovative business processes and not the other way around.

Offerten24 by no means sees itself as a retread of a classic B2B or B2C platform, but rather aims to revolutionize the initiation of contact between sellers and buyers by bringing them together in a targeted manner. Offerten24 introduces providers of, for example, website solutions, accounting or windows to prospective buyers who are looking for exactly what the provider is offering.

Shuffling emails back and forth used to be

An innovative business concept needs a flexible business software solution that supports and adapts to its processes. With aBusiness, Offerten24 found a solution that obviously met all set expectations and even exceeded them in many ways. There is no other way to understand the recent statement of Offerten24's CEO, Marc Stieger, who recently even called our software the best in the universe!

But where does this great enthusiasm come from? According to Offerten24, it is primarily the many productive features of aBusiness that the CRM solution has in store for SMEs. In particular, the operators of Offerten24 appreciate the intuitive operation, which requires little training, the simplicity in the implementation of company processes and the possibility of logging in from anywhere to assign tasks and to be able to send documents directly after an acquisition phone call. They are also particularly impressed with the campaign and lead module, which speeds up and greatly simplifies new customer acquisition at Offerten24. Thanks to the centralized task management at aBusiness, new information can be sent to contacts directly from these tasks, without the need to constantly shuffle emails – back and forth like before.

Implementation took a month

At Offerten24, however, the decision to go with the aBusiness solution was not ad hoc, but only after a thorough review. Competing CRM systems that equally allowed for process integration were, according to management, quite a bit more expensive, and in-house development was not an option because of the time involved. So the Offerten24 team finally decided on the aBusiness solution, which allows simple and cost-effective adaptations to in-house business processes. In total, the implementation of the CRM solution took exactly one month. Successful implementation was ensured by aBusiness implementer it-tech Business Solutions with Milan Sadlon as project manager.

SME software solution in CRM and ERP

All in all, the implementation of aBusiness at Offerten24 was a great success. Thanks to flexible web interface, task and contact creation is now easier than ever, as switching between different applications to complete a task is no longer necessary at Offerten24. Whether it's activity history or incoming phone calls – everything can be centrally controlled at aBusiness. Offerten24 has now found an optimal CRM software solution in aBusiness, which can also be used for ERP processes and is particularly appealing to SMEs with a strong online component.

Interessiert an aBusiness CRM? Jetzt kostenlos testen.

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Urs Langmeier Urs Langmeier is founder and CEO of Langmeier Software GmbH and thus responsible for the strategic further development of Langmeier software solutions.

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