Cloud-backup - our articles on the subject

Langmeier Backup March 24, 2016
Don't forget to back up your data. The right backup medium such as tape drive, hard drive or cloud also matters. read more
Magazine August 1, 2014
What are the key questions every company should ask regarding data backup in order to make it BSI-compliant? read more
News October 29, 2014
More and more people are using cloud backup or online backup services such as Dropbox. What about cloud privacy and security? read more
Magazine April 25, 2012
Backing up data to Google Drive | Langmeier Backup Magazine | Backup & Restore with Langmeier Backup Software read more
SME July 8, 2013
In the wake of the NSA and Prism scandal, how is it still possible to take advantage of the cloud and still be safe from data espionage? The solution is called Langmeier Backup. read more
Magazine June 10, 2013
Statement on Prism and the security of cloud services | Backup & Restore with Langmeier Backup Software read more