Now you can also back up data to Google Drive

When the burnable CD was introduced in 1988, no one probably thought that mankind would soon be saving everything to the Internet. Backup software like Langmeier Backup must always support the latest storage media to stay current.

Google Drive can be used as a backup destination in Langmeier Backup following the "It's easy"principle. Simply use the Google Drive folder as the backup destination. Google Drive will then take care of a transfer to the Google Cloud.

The Google Drive does not replace a local backup, but is recommended as an addition to the local backup. If you back up your data to the Internet, you need to make sure there is always a copy locally as well.

A cloud backup is not a substitute for a local backup

A cloud can also fail from time to time. There have been a few examples of this in the past. In the article "Office on the Internet: a dangerous trend", some examples are given from the past where users have already lost data in the cloud. Even though it is commonly assumed that a cloud from a big-name company should be secure, real-world experience shows a different picture.

Cloud services are also often integrated with social networks such as Google+. Then sensitive company data may also be automatically published on the Internet for others. One wrong click and the backup files would thus be accessible to all net friends or even strangers. Checking the settings and ongoing encryption of the backup data is therefore highly recommended.


For CEO's of smaller companies, Google Drive can be a great way to replace the hassle of transporting data to your home. But only if a local backup strategy is in place in addition to backing up to the cloud.

For larger companies that sometimes rely on a sharp data security strategy, service providers that specialize their cloud in data backup are recommended. Such a service provider must also back up the data away from the cloud to ensure that the data is still safe even if the cloud becomes defective. Moreover, there must be a historized backup to restore files of an earlier date as well. In case of emergency, it would be good if the provider would allow personal pickup of backup data on a hard drive.

Link: Fraunhofer study criticizes cloud storage services

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