Disk-image - our articles on the subject

Langmeier Backup FAQ 14 January 2016
What if your computer or laptop won't boot? Take precautions and create a Windows image backup with Langmeier Backup.. read more
Langmeier Backup June 26, 2017
Windows Backup from Langmeier Software protects against data loss from virus attacks, ransomware, and hardware failures, among other things, in both professional and personal data environments.. read more
Langmeier Backup FAQ April 27, 2015
Restore individual files from an image? We have taken this frequently expressed customer request into account in Langmeier Backup 9. read more
Langmeier Backup FAQ December 28, 2012
With Langmeier Backup you can restore a previously backed up complete Windows operating system. Here we show you how. read more
Langmeier Backup FAQ March 13, 2011
Have you taken precautions in case your computer or laptop ever fails to boot? The solution: create a Windows image backup. It's easy with Langmeier Backup. read more