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Guide: BIOS 8 Recovery - UEFI Systems

Under Windows 8, 8.1, and Windows 10, computers using Bios 8 that are configured for Secure Boot must have their BIOS boot configuration temporarily changed for security reasons in order to boot bootable media such as Langmeier Backup rescue media.

Switching from UEFI mode to legacy mode

Why does UEFI mode need to be disabled?

In UEFI mode it is not possible to boot from USB stick, CD, DVD, NIC, etc. on Windows 8/8.1 /10 systems - that's why we temporarily switch to legacy mode. Proceed as follows:

For Lenovo and Acer computers

1. Restart the computer/laptop and hold down the F2 button until you see the BIOS page. Use the arrows on the keyboard to orient yourself to the right until you see the "Boot" option.

2. With Boot Mode highlighted, press Enter and use the down arrow to go to Legacy BIOS - press Enter

3. Now press the Fn+F10 key combination and select "Yes". Confirm this with the Enter button so that you save the changes.

Now you can boot with the Langmeier backup - rescue media and perform a restore. With this procedure you can then also undo the changes.

 Disable Secure Boot

In some cases, the "Secure Boot" must be disabled in order to boot from boot media. In the BIOS under the same tab "Boot" you will find the entry "Seucre Boot" - this is set to "Enabled" by default. To disable "Secure Boot", select the option with "Enter" and set it to "Disabled". Press F10 to save the changes and then restart the computer.

For Dell computers

1. Press and hold the F2 or F12 button as soon as you start the Dell laptop - the BIOS mode will appear.

2. Go to the "Boot" tab via right arrow - there is an option "Secure Boot" - change this to "Disabled".

3. Verify that the option "Load Legacy Option Rom" is enabled and if necessary change this option to "Enabled".

4. For the "Boot List Option" tab, set the mode to "Legacy".

Use "Exit" to close the BIOS mode and save the changes in the process.

Now you can boot into the Langmeier Backup - Recovery media and perform a restore. You can then use this process to undo the changes.


For HP computers

1. . Press and hold the F10 button (or F2 or F8 on some HP models) as soon as you boot the HP machine - BIOS mode will appear.

2. Using the right arrow, go to the "Security" tab - there is the option "Secure Boot Configuration (or Secure Boot Options)".

3. Press Enter to open a small blue window, for "Secure Boot" change the option to "Disable" and for "Legacy Support" change it to "Enable".

If there is no "Security" tab, find the "System Configuration" tab and set the "Secure Boot" option to "Disabled".

Now press F10 to save the changes. The HP will now reboot and successfully boot from the Langmeier Backup rescue media. The changes can also be undone in these windows.

If your system is not included in this tutorial, please contact us so we can add it as well.

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