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Create a rescue media with Langmeier Backup

If you want to restore an image of your operating system with Langmeier Backup, you will need a bootable rescue medium. To create this with Langmeier Backup, proceed as follows:

1.Click in the menu bar, in the upper part of the main window, on „Tools“, „Create rescue medium“.


2. You have the following options to choose from: „Create Bootable CD“,  „Create bootable USB flash drive“ or „Create bootable ISO file“.

3a. Create bootable CD: Select „Create bootable CD  , click “>>Next“,  insert the CD, click again on “>>Next“, select the CD drive with which you want to burn the ISO file, click „Create“. Now a bootable CD is created.


3b. Create Bootable USB Flash Drive: Select „Create bootable USB stick  , click “>>Next“, connect a USB stick, click again on “>>Next“, select the USB stick on which you want to save the ISO file, click „Create“. Now the bootable USB stick will be created.

3c. Create bootable ISO file:  Select „Create bootable ISO file„ , click “>>Next“, select the location where you want to save the ISO file, click „>>Next“. Now the bootable ISO file is created.

Note: If you have the “Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (Windows ADK)” don't have installed on your PC, then it will take a little longer to create a rescue media the first time, as the Windows ADK must be installed first.


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