The Worrying Top 10 Reasons for Data Loss

Dead notebook batteries are the most common cause of data loss.On the winner's podium: For notebook computers, a dead battery is the most common cause of data loss.

A data loss is an unpleasant event for every PC user. However, it is always the same causes that lead to a malfunction. We have compiled the ten most common causes of data loss for you.

It should come as no surprise that while regularly backing up data will not protect you from the damage described below, it will very much protect you from data loss.

Place 10Water Damage

 When working on a PC, you should be especially careful with drinks, and this is even more true for notebook users. All it takes is for the coffee cup to tip over and the drink to spill over the keyboard – the underlying parts will be damaged and nothing will work. Investing in a waterproof notebook case is therefore absolutely recommended. 

 Place 9: Cold damage

 Severe cold or extreme temperature fluctuations can cause data loss. You should only use your computer when it is approximately at room temperature. This also applies to your laptop if you have left it in the car overnight in freezing temperatures. 

 Place 8: Dust

 The combination of dust and computers is dangerous. Dust particles can damage the components, furthermore they cover the fan more and more over time, the temperature increases. This can affect the sensitive inner workings up to total failure. 

 Place 7: Harddisk defect – Headcrash

 A headcrash is the mechanical damage of the harddisk. This happens when the read and write head touches down directly on the media, for example, when it is shaken or dropped. The drive is then a case for the data recovery professional, self-attempts usually only lead to even greater damage. Therefore, always make sure that your computer has a safe and fixed location. 

 Place 6: Heat death

 Not only cold, but also too much heat can lead to data loss. This is due to the expansion of the read and write head of the hard disk. So avoid temperature fluctuations if possible, only work at normal operating temperature. You can monitor the heat status using various tools. 

 Place 5: Magnetism

 Data storage is done by magnetism, so it is no wonder that external magnets can cause problems. These are built into speaker cabinets, for example, so pay attention to this point when choosing a location. 

 Place 4: Lightning

 Lightning triggers voltage heat and can completely destroy your laptop or computer. Therefore, keep your devices turned off during thunderstorms. Alternatively, you can work on the laptop on battery power. 

 Place 3: Too well cleaned

 As mentioned above, dust is bad for the computer. However, this also applies to cleaning too intensively. So you should – especially inside – avoid strong cleaning agents, reach for the special cleaners available for this purpose in specialized stores. 

 Place 2: Removing external drives

 Do you always stop the external media before you disconnect it? In most cases, the write operations are complete – but just not always. Therefore, you should always make sure to disconnect the external drive and the computer via the appropriate command of the operating system. 

 Place 1: The empty battery

 Simple – but still on the winner's podium: In notebooks, a dead battery is actually the most common cause of data loss. Of course, the user receives a warning signal in time. But this is often ignored, since only two sentences have to be written or a few numbers inserted anyway. So you are well advised to react at the first warning message and to provide power. Regular buffering should be a matter of course anyway.

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