How to automate your backup like a pro

Maybe you are wondering if there is a way to automate backup with Langmeier Backup so that Langmeier Backup fits into your systems as a valuable data protection feature.


Not only does Langmeier Backup offer extensive VB scripting capabilities, but you can also use Langmeier Backup to create automated backup jobs via batch. You can run pre-built backup jobs from your own system and evaluate the backup result.


Evaluate the backup result using exit code


When lmbackup.exe is called with the /start parameter and the backup job, a backup is executed. The return value (exit code) of lmbackup.exe then contains the backup result.


meaning of the exit code:


Data backup completed without errors.



Hardware error



The backup had to be aborted due to an error. For example: backup drive not accessible.




At least one file could not be backed up, but the backup was completed.


In a batch file, the ERRORLEVEL variable can be evaluated to get the exit code:

lmbackup.exe /start Backuptask.lmb

The zip file contains an example of this. Unzip the example completely on the computer to try it out.



Automate Langmeier Backup by Batch


The following command line arguments are available:


lmbackup.exe [/start] [path and file of the backup job] [[/add] [source path] [destination path] [/zip] [/encrypt] [/direct] [/close]]



Optional. Executes the backup . You must specify the path to the backup job.




Optional. Adds a path to the backup job. Specify source path and (optionally) destination path.

Note: The window for adding the path remains on the screen by default. Additionally use the switch /close, to close lmbackup.exe. You have the option to specify /zip and /encrypt (compressed, and/or encrypted). The additional option /direct specifies that the complete folder structure is omitted when backing up.

If a path specification contains spaces, you must enclose the path specification in quotes (").

If you have any questions about automation, why not contact our customer service and request automation support.

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