This is how the pro does it: Back up all users' desktops

If you want to back up the desktops of all local users at once with backup software, you can do so with Langmeier Backup very easily. You can find out how here.

By typing "C:\Users\*\Desktop" in the backup path, Langmeier Backup will immediately detect all local users and back up those users' desktops away.

Click on the Backup tab in the main Langmeier Backup window. Now right-click on the rows and then click „Add Item“:

Backing up the desktops of all local users is easy with Langmeier Backup. We explain how to do this data backup in just a few steps.

Here you can enter the backup path in the source. In the destination, select the location where you want to backup the desktops of local users:

Backing up the desktops of all local users is easy with Langmeier Backup. We explain how this data backup can be done in just a few steps.

Start the job now so that all desktops are backed up. In the backup destination, they will all be in one folder.

Tip: The trick with the asterisk (*) also works with other folders...

Save data automatically

Protect all your files.

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Sebastian Müller Sebastian Müller is partner and top customer support at Langmeier Software, making him the best person to talk to about Langmeier backup backup solutions.

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