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Langmeier Backup 9.1: Update #172 fixes security vulnerability

Langmeier Backup 9.1.172 fixes issues with magnetic tape support. You can download the update here

Fixed bug with magnetic tape writing.

Problem: Version 9.1.159 of Langmeier Backup contained a bug where the folder structure was written to the beginning of the tape. This made the data partition on the tape unusable. Earlier versions of Langmeier Backup (including version 9.1.133 and below) are not affected. Tapes written with Langmeier Backup 9.1.159 are therefore unreadable. During backup, the error message «Verification failed» will appear for each backed up file, if backup verification has been enabled.

Solution: If you are backing up to magnetic tape drive with Langmeier Backup 9.1.159 (Business, Server or V-flex), update your Langmeier Backup copy to version 9.1.172 now. If you have not yet activated the backup check, press the F4 key in the Langmeier Backup main window and activate the option «Check backup» in the «After backup» area of the «Settings for current job» window that now appears. This will increase the security of your backup.

HP Ultrium LTO and compatible drives are supported.

Problem: In older versions of Langmeier Backup (up to and including version 9.0.133) the error message „This is not a tape created with Langmeier Backup“ may appear because the positioning of the read/write head with the REWIND command is not possible. If this is the case, Langmeier Backup must use a different method for positioning the read/write head. We were able to detect this problem with HP Ultrium LTO drives.

Solution: To read tapes written by Langmeier Backup 9 or lower on an HP Ultrium LTO drive, or any other tape drive that does not support the REWIND command, you must upgrade Langmeier Backup to version 9.1.172.

Free Update: Users of Langmeier Backup 9 and 9.1 will receive the update for free. Customers with active maintenance contracts will also receive the update free of charge.

Download update now here:

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