World Backup Day Reminds You to Back Up Your Data Every Day

World Backup Day on March 31 is meant to remind users around the world of the need to back up their data.

Data backup is still one of the neglected topics in the field of computing applications.

Whether commercial or private user - most people are far too careless with their stored data. Even if the problem of "cybercrime" has now sensitized many users and most PCs are well secured against attacks from outside, still too few users think about how they can permanently protect their data from permanent loss. After all, data loss is by no means limited to hacker attacks, against which most users believe they are reliably shielded. Rather, it can quickly happen that stored data is irretrievably lost not only due to one's own carelessness or negligence, but also due to hardware errors, hard disk crashes or other effects. The loss of data may then affect entire customer files, lists of goods, orders, plans, business records and the like, which can be quite a disaster for self-employed persons and tradesmen. But it is enough if private files such as unique pictures, music files, important personal records and other documents can no longer be recovered. The damage is then compounded by the annoyance of one's own negligence.

It's so easy to make regular backups to protect essential data permanently. The problem is not the difficulty of the application, but the carelessness of most users. In order to draw attention to the importance of backing up data when using a computer, World Backup Day was created a few years ago, which is always celebrated on March 31. It is intended as a reminder to carry out regular backups in order to counteract any possible loss of data.

Already through the use of data backups, it has become increasingly important to prevent data loss

Saving essential data on an external medium such as a CD, DVD or flash drive is a basic step towards data protection. Effective data protection is even easier with special backup programs. This software reliably ensures that all data worth protecting is permanently backed up. Another effective method is online backup. The fact that relevant data is increasingly being stored on mobile devices should be reason enough to make regular backups a matter of routine. What is pure necessity for administrators of large companies, namely effective data backup, should also become a matter of course for private users and businesses. World Backup Day therefore serves as a useful motivator to not only think about protecting essential data, but to actually put it into practice.

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