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How to choose the right folders for your backup

Langmeier Backup 9.1 offers several ways to perform a backup. One example is the simple 1:1 file copy. Here the user can select file folders to be added to the backup. Then there is the backup as a disk image. Here, the entire computer can be backed up along with the operating system and software settings.

In this article, we will show you how to select backup folders individually. This allows you to customize the backup to meet specific business needs.

The "?"


If a question mark (?) precedes the backup source path, then that source path will only be backed up if it exists. Accordingly, if the path is not present, no message will appear:

In our example, the folder "C:\ABACUS" will only be backed up if this folder exists on the computer. If the folder does not exist, then thanks to the preceding question mark (?) no error message will appear. This is advantageous if you want to deliver the backup job to computers with different software equipment and don't want to annoy users with backup error messages.

Select folders by wildcard character (*)

You have the option to add backup folders as a source using the wildcard character asterisk (*):

In our example, the desktop of all users present on the computer will be backed up.

The wildcard asterisk is also useful if you want to exclude folders from the backup. To do this, go to Options and then Global Settings. Here click on the button "Excluded files and types". In the window that opens, select "Add". Now the "Excluded item" window appears. Here you define a new item that you want to exclude from the backup. With the help of an asterisk, you exclude several folder groups at once:

In our example, we chose not to display error messages for any files stored under the folder "C:_SQL\" when backing up .

Save data automatically

Protect all your files.

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