Keep your backup lean! Clean up.

Langmeier Backup, by default, creates steady backups of all changed data and all new data added to external hard drives. Now the question is, why doesn't it delete the files from the backup if they have been deleted on the computer?

The reason is obvious, because if all deleted files on the backup would be removed immediately: then what happens if the user deletes a file once by mistake? Therefore, it already makes sense how Langmeier Backup does it by default.

Now there is the menu item "Cleanup" and there "Remove deleted files". If you like, you can run this cleanup from time to time to bring the backup to a "clean state". But this manual cleanup only works for those who have not turned off the option „Create complete folder structure“. So the $ sign must be in the backup path, otherwise it won't work.

Whoever has configured Langmeier Backup differently can still perform the cleanup, namely by simply creating a backup and selecting „Synchronize“ as the backup type in the "Settings for current job" window under "Quick configuration" beforehand. Then, when starting the backup, all previously deleted files will be removed from the backup in no time. But caution is advised, because with this function there is no query for the files to be deleted.

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