Hyper-V Backup with Langmeier Backup V-flex

Backup and restore of virtual servers, for this the backup software Langmeier Backup V-flex is the specialist. It is the cost-effective solution for backing up virtual servers and hosts. Thanks to the network bootable recovery environment, disaster recovery becomes a breeze. Any administrator can get your servers back online in no time thanks to Langmeier Backup V-flex.

The following is a guide on how to backup and restore a virtual machine.

  1. Download Langmeier Backup V-Flex from our website. (Note: To download on a Windows Server operating system, you must add https://www.langmeier-software.com to the trusted sites.)
  2. Create an ISO file under „Tools/Create boot media“. This will create the recovery media that you can use later to restore the virtual machine.

    Create bootable ISO image
  3. Install Langmeier Backup V-flex in the virtual machines and run disk image backups of the system drives at regular intervals. In most cases, these data backups will be to a network drive.
  4. In the event of a worst-case scenario, as well as to test the restore, boot up the virtual machine using the ISO file created in step 2.

    Mount ISO image
  5. The bootable restore environment that is now launched is based on Windows PE, and you can select the „Mount network drive“ option here to access your backup media on the network. The restore will then be guided by the wizard.

    Restore with the wizard
  6. Once the restore is complete, the virtual machine only needs to be restarted - now the virtual machine is repaired and fully operational again.

Langmeier Backup V-flex is available for the following virtualization environments:

  • Hyper-V
  • XEN
  • VMWare Workstation/Player/Fusion
  • KVM
  • VirtualBox


About the Author , Founder and CEO of Langmeier Software GmbH
Urs Langmeier Urs Langmeier is founder and CEO of Langmeier Software GmbH and thus responsible for the strategic further development of Langmeier software solutions.

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