Flawless data backup thanks to SMS notification

Get the status of your backup via SMS! Langmeier Backup 8.1 can send you a text message (SMS) to your mobile phone when a backup is complete.

To test this, simply start a backup and press the "After" button. A menu will appear where you select "Send SMS...".

In version 8 of Langmeier Backup, it is possible to send SMS to a mobile phone once a backup is complete. Learn how to set up an automatic SMS in this tutorial.

Image: after a backup is completed Langmeier Backup informs you with a text message.


Always send a text message

To send a text message automatically after every backup, a few additional steps are required.

To do this, perform the following steps:

  1. Click on Tools
  2. Click on Edit Scripts
  3. Select the empty entry in the Script list to create a new script.
  4. Paste the following line into the script text box:

    SendSMS Term("Backup to is complete. Errors: Saved: ", Destination, Errors, Counter), "0049xxxxxxxx"

  5. In the code line, replace the number by the xxxxxx with your own mobile phone number.
  6. Press Save As..., just below the script text box.
  7. Give the script a descriptive file name, for example "SMS Sender".
  8. Click the Save tab at the top.
  9. Click Add (by the down arrow) and select the Script... entry.
  10. Select the previously saved script, in this case "SMS Sender" and click OK.
  11. Then click File -> Save Job to apply the change to the backup job 

If you add this script to a completed backup job like this, then an SMS will always be sent to you after the backup is complete.

Get credit for sending SMS

The SMS sending feature requires SMS credit. In Langmeier Software account you can order SMS credit at any time. First, you need to store your Langmeier backup license key in the Langmeier software account. You can deposit multiple Langmeier Backup license keys to use your SMS credit for multiple licenses.

To create the SMS script, the Langmeier Backup Business or Langmeier Backup Server version is required.

Save data automatically

Protect all your files.

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