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Data backup 15. March 2023
The variety of backup methods: from full to incremental to differential and mirror backup. There are different backup types such as full backup, incremental backup, differential backup and mirror backup. In the following we describe the different ba... Read more
Data backup 31. October 2023
Choosing the right backup system is critical to ensuring that your data is protected and can be recovered in the event of data loss. Here are some of the most common questions you should ask yourself when choosing a backup system: Read more
Data backup 13. June 2023
Data backup is not only important for large companies, but also for small and medium-sized enterprises, as data loss can cause high costs. According to market research firm IDC, over 90% of companies that suffer a complete data loss file for bankruptcy within 12 months. Read more
Backup Management 1. April 2023
Backup management is an important process for backing up and restoring data in the event of a data loss or disaster. Effective backup management includes regular backup of important data and full documentation of backups to enable fast recovery in case of data loss. Important steps for backup management include creating a detailed backup plan, automating backups, regularly reviewing backups, effectively managing backup data, training employees, and considering the cloud option as a backup strategy. Langmeier Software offers various backup types and individually configurable strategies for companies. In addition, we support the installation and setup of the backup management system. Read more
Data backup 14. August 2023
Back up your operating system and all data with Langmeier Backup's image backup feature. Learn how bootable emergency media can help you restore the system in case of an emergency. Protect yourself against data loss, system failures and virus attacks. Discover the benefits of image backups and gain insight into the expertise of Urs Langmeier, founder of Langmeier Backup. Read more
Statistics 2024 24. January 2024
The impact of data loss can be significant, ranging from business damage to downtime and the need to close businesses. Prevention through regular backups, employee training and effective cybersecurity measures is crucial to minimize the negative consequences. Read more
Data backup 11. September 2023
Backing up your data is crucial to prevent data loss and disasters. There are many backup solutions on the market, but Langmeier Backup stands out as one of the best options. Here are some reasons why Langmeier Backup can be considered the best tool for data backup: Read more
IT Security 5. August 2023
Ensuring a secure IT system is critical for any business. But despite the latest technologies, humans remain the biggest security vulnerability on all systems. This is because, as the actual control center of the machine, humans have the power to ope... Read more
Press Release 7. February 2023
Langmeier Software has just released the 12th version of its backup software Langmeier Backup. The new version features increased stability and meets the high requirements for reliable data backup for Windows laptops, desktops and servers. The highlight is the ability to back up folders and files to the aBusiness Cloud platform, increasing productivity. Read more
Data loss 5. February 2024
The cost of data loss to a business is complex and goes beyond the obvious recovery costs. Loss of productivity, loss of reputation, customer churn, legal consequences and the need for security enhancements are all crucial factors that need to be considered when calculating the overall impact. Therefore, investing in comprehensive data security measures is an economically sound decision to avoid long-term damage and maintain the trust of customers and partners. Read more
Langmeier Backup 24. April 2023
Langmeier Sofware offers you a wide range of different features to ensure the stable security of your valuable files. Here are some of the most important features of Langmeier Backup: Read more
Backup Management May 23, 2024
Data backup is an indispensable part of modern digital life, whether for companies or private individuals. But how should backups be carried out? Automatically or manually? In this post, we take a look at the pros and cons of both approaches to help you decide which method is best for your needs. Read more
Information 15. February 2024
In 2024, data protection will play a central role in companies' strategies. By increasing budgets, introducing innovative technologies and taking a holistic approach to data protection, companies are not only striving to meet legal requirements, but also to strengthen customer confidence in the handling of sensitive data. Read more