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No data loss thanks to grandfather-father-son principle

Here is a brief introduction to the grandfather-father-son principle, sometimes called the generation principle, which is important in data backup.With such tapes, for example, backup is perceived in the rotation scheme. The backup with only seven tapes, on the other hand, is not exemplary!

With the backup software Langmeier Backup, among other things, the data of customers in small to medium-sized companies are backed up according to certain principles and protected in the long term.

One of theseimportant data backup systems is the implementation of the so-called grandfather-father-son principle.

This data backup strategy - also often referred to as the generation principle - involves backing up data in successive stages, similar to the family sequence of grandfather, father and son. This results in data backup versions from which restore versions are created for the user. This ensures that in the event of data corruption at the „father“ level, the lost data can be restored from the „grandfather“ level. The same applies to data corruption at the „son“level. Therefore, this data backup principle is also often referred to as a rotation scheme. Here, tape rotation is used as a backup procedure, which means that the used tapes are reused in this backup procedure according to this principle.

Langmeier Software GmbH proceeds in detail as follows in the backup

Three different backup groups are created, a daily, a weekly and a monthly group. For a backup within a classic five-day week, the daily backup is performed on a new backup tape, rotating the so-called son tapes. After seven days, the tape of the first day is overwritten. The father tapes are used at the end of each week, resulting in a monthly rotation so that these tapes are only overwritten after one month. The grandfather tapes, on the other hand, are inserted at the end of the month. This causes them to rotate for an entire year, and consequently only after an entire year is the first tape in this series overwritten.

This means concretely for the five-day week, for the first four working days the son tapes are used, on the last working day a father tape. On each Friday, that is four times a month, the father band is used, and on the last day of each month a grandfather band is used and deployed.

Thus there is a logical data backup principle by rotation within the grandfather-father-son principle, which we at Langmeier Software GmbH apply for the backup of our customers and have professionalized through years of experience. We also use the incremental data backup. This means that only the data that has changed since the last backup is backed up. The advantage here is that a lot of storage space and also storage time is saved.

The advantages of backing up data according to the grandfather-father-son principle are obvious

It preserves all data in the short, medium to long term to the extent that in the event of data loss, it can be restored from the previous stage at any time if necessary.

Save data automatically

Protect all your files.

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