Learn now: Why is a file not backed up?

Are there files in your backup that are not being backed up? If there are some files that are being omitted from your backup and you are wondering why one or more files are being "ignored" by the backup, then I would like to bring the following reasons to your attention:

  • The file is in the global list of excluded files.
    The global exclusion list is in the Global Settings, which you open with the "Options" button. There you have the button "Excluded files and types...".
  • The file is in the list of excluded files for the current job.
    Each job, in turn, can keep its own exclusion list. In the menu bar, press the bottom part of the "Options" button, and then select the "Settings for this job". There is a button there called "Excluded files and types...".
  • The file has been excluded in the backup path.
    You can double-click on the path, and here click on the "Include / Exclude" tab, to remove files and folders from the backup path.
  • The file is in a folder that has been previously backed up.
  • The file has been previously backed up to another destination
    If you are backing up a file to multiple backup media or to multiple backup folders, make sure the "Check archive bit only for selection of files to back up" option is unchecked. This is the only way Langmeier Backup can detect that this file still needs to be backed up to the other destination.
  • The file is marked as 'not to backup' in the Windows Registry.
    The registry key is located at:

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