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Langmeier Backup March 24, 2016
Don't forget to back up your data. The right backup medium such as tape drive, hard drive or cloud also matters. read more
Langmeier Backup FAQ October 10, 2014
When setting up backups, there are small details that are sometimes overlooked. We show you typical mistakes made during Langmeier backup setup.. read more
Langmeier Backup FAQ August 20, 2012
Which backup medium to consider depends on many things: How long should the backed up data be kept? How high should the protection against unauthorized access be? Which storage medium is the right one? More on the topic here ... read more
Langmeier Backup November 3, 2014
When backing up data to the network with Langmeier Backup, keep these four points in mind. | Backup & Restore with Langmeier Backup Software read more
Langmeier Backup FAQ October 16, 2013
How does a company make its data backup secure? How to set up RDX disks, NAS backup and backup processes in the best possible way? Here are the answers. read more
Langmeier Backup FAQ May 22, 2012
Private people use for backup mostly external hard drives. These offer good protection, which is usually sufficient for private individuals. According to an in-house study, private individuals still frequently use CDs or DVDs as backup media. Bl... read more