What is the value of data?

Every computer, whether at home or in the office, has valuable – and often sensitive – information stored on it. Can you afford to lose that data? It can happen faster than you might think. Or hope. In principle, all it takes is a brief power outage and the hard drive is kaput. Sometimes an expensive professional can repair the hard drive and partially recover the data. Most of the time, however, any help comes too late.


A data loss is annoying and costs time, money and nerves. One hundred percent security does not exist and probably never will. But you can protect yourself from the financial consequences, just like with an insurance. Every data loss costs money. Directly, because you have to capture the data again, indirectly, because you cannot work productively during this time, earn money or, in the worst case, even lose customers.


If you want to take zero risk, back up your data regularly with a backup program. There are several ways to back up data. These are the main ones:


·      Complete Backup. All data – from the complete drive to a partition or directory to individual data or specific file formats – are transferred to the backup media.


·      Memory map. The data carrier – hard disk, USB mass storage, optical media, data carrier in the network – or a partition is backed up one to one. Thus, in addition to data, the file and operating system with user settings are saved.


·      Differential Backup. The system only backs up the data that has been added since the last full backup. This saves time and disk space.


Backup programs that relieve you of this tedious and time-consuming work are many. Some cost nothing and meet simple requirements, others are so complex that they can hardly be used without a manual. As so often, the solution lies in the golden mean: Data backup may and should cost something because it can save time, money and nerves, but it must be as simple as counting on three.


This is also the philosophy behind the backup programs for Windows computers, which Langmeier Software develops and programs in Switzerland:


·      Langmeier Backup Home for home.

·      Langmeier Backup Advanced for the single workstation.

·      Langmeier Backup Business for Business.

·      Langmeier Backup Server for companies with server.


If you want to see for yourself how easy to understand and powerful these programs are, you can download the fully functional business version download it for free and test it for 30 days without obligation.


Save data automatically

Protect all your files.

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About the Author , Founder and CEO of Langmeier Software GmbH
Urs Langmeier Urs Langmeier is founder and CEO of Langmeier Software GmbH and thus responsible for the strategic further development of Langmeier software solutions.

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