Does this work? Image backup from old computer to new computer

Question from Lars S.: "I bought a new computer. Can I import my image backup to the new computer, so I can have an exact copy of my old computer?"

No, you can't. You will have to install the operating system on the new computer using the original CD. Because, for one thing, you'll have trouble getting the computer to boot up with an image copy that's been imported like that, because, for example, the boot sector of the two computers isn't compatible. For another, each PC has different hardware and so also different drivers are needed. You would thus be trying to run the new computer with drivers that are not tuned to the system. That can't work. Nor can it work with competitors' backup software, even if their sophisticated marketing gimmicks may make that promise.

Our tip: Take the time to tune up a new computer to minimize problems in the future. Play existing file backups to the new computer to have all your desired data on the new PC as well. This way, you can easily access archive photos or emails from the old computer that you previously backed up as a file backup using Langmeier Backup.

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