How to: Backup fully automatically as a Windows service

Normally, a Windows backup software only performs automatic backups when a Windows user is logged in. However, especially for servers and PCs used as servers, there is usually no user logged in. No one is logged in and the machine faithfully runs its Windows services. However, even during these hours of operation, data worth securing is produced.


How to solve this problem? Langmeier Backup should be run as a Windows service in this case. Consequently, a backup will be run even if the computer is running but no user is logged in. As a result, you will have an automatic Windows backup or backup.

To change the operation mode of Langmeier Backup to operation as a Windows service


1. Click "Options" in the main window:


2. Click here on the "Program Behavior..." button:

Program Behavior

3. Enable the "Run as Windows Service" option here 

Operation as Windows Service - Langmeier Backup as Windows Service: Your data backup and automatic Windows backup will run reliably even without a user logged in.


Backup notifications when running as a Windows service


A Windows service does not exercise any user interaction when the user is logged off. Consequently, it is recommended that you turn on the backup log in the options. Have the backup log emailed to you for active notification. Check the log regularly to ensure smooth operation of the backup, or have the person in charge check it.


Note: Prior to Langmeier Backup, version 8.0.422, when running as a Windows service, there were no on-screen notifications of backups being performed. In all newer versions, Langmeier Backup can also display backup notifications and backup status on the screen of a logged-in user.


File permissions when running as a Windows service


By default, every Windows service runs under the SYSTEM user. However, a backup program often does not have sufficient permissions under the SYSTEM user to successfully run an automatic Windows backup or an automatic backup of the system, including all user data. This would require granting the SYSTEM user advanced permissions to successfully create a backup.

Solution: Open the backup job in Langmeier Backup and double click here to open the topmost backup path in the backup job. Then enter the correct login information of the administrator user under the "Login" tab. The user information thus entered here applies only to the current backup job:


Administrator user login information - Langmeier Backup as Windows service: Your data backup and automatic Windows backup will run reliably even without a user logged in.

To save the credentials for all backup jobs, do the following


Enter the administrator login information under the Windows service properties. Open the Windows Control Panel and here select "Administrative Tools" and then "Services". In the list of Windows services, click the right mouse button on the "Langmeier Backup Service" service and then select "Properties". Under the tab "Login" you will find the option to enter login information. The login information you enter here applies to all backups that Langmeier Backup performs. They will become active as soon as you restart the service.


Note: Connected network drives - for example, those with drive letters X:\ - are not available in a Windows service. Network drives connected in this way are only available in a Windows service if a logon script or a script takes care of the connection before the backup 


This is why: In the backup job, use UNC network paths in the form \\server name\share name, not network drives such as X:\.


And: When backing up to the network, you must also enter a user in Langmeier Backup's Windows service, since logonless users such as the system user (under which Langmeier Backup runs by default) cannot access network shares for security reasons. Please read the article “If network backup fails in automatic mode“.

Domain user accounts


Domain user accounts must first be physically logged on to the computer before they can be used in a Windows service. This is because Windows will not create the necessary settings and folders for the Langmeier Backup data backup service to successfully create a backup until the user is properly logged in.

Operating Langmeier Backup as a Windows service is available in all products


Langmeier Backup 9 Professional
Langmeier Backup 9 Business

Langmeier Backup 9 Server
Langmeier Backup 9 V-flex Starter
Langmeier Backup 9 V-flex Pro
Langmeier Backup 9 V-flex Unlimited


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