This way a partition is not locked when backing up data

If a partition becomes inaccessible and locked during backup, it may be for a simple reason: The partition has too little space for the VSS service.

Langmeier Backup backs up using Microsoft VSS Volume Shadow Copy technology, or also known as the VSS service. This service also allows open files to be backed up on the fly. Although minimal, the VSS service requires a small amount of partition space to perform the backup. The prerequisites are as follows:

Space requirements on the partition

  • If the partition to be backed up is larger than 500MB, then the free space there must be at least 320MB. 
  • If the partition to be backed up is larger than 1GB, then the free space there must be at least 1GB.

If these requirements are not met, then the backup will be performed, but the partition will be locked during the backup.

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