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Safety in the workplace: avoid tripping hazards now

Although you rarely think about it, workplace safety is very important.

No one suspects that even jobs can have dangers lurking in the office. But it is this false sense of security that causes accidents in the office time and time again. Even hazardous materials can be found in the office and can affect the health of employees due to improper storage. In fact, several thousand employees are injured in the office workplace each year - but many of these accidents could be avoided.

False Safety

It is precisely the false sense of security in the office that leads to accidents. Hardly anyone perceives a sharp corner or a sharp edge as a problem: only when something has happened are such places perceived as a danger. Slippery thresholds in offices are a major potential hazard. The floors themselves are often less of a problem, but doorsteps are often made of other materials that can be slippery, especially on rainy days. However, such areas can be easily mitigated with suitable non-slip surfacing. Cables that have been improperly laid can also be a tripping hazard in the office. However, such problems can be solved in no time at all, because the cables can be safely laid in cable ducts that are mounted on the wall. This also has the pleasant effect of making the office look tidy. Danger comes from the devices themselves if they do not run properly or if there are open points in the cabling, for example. Open cable points can lead to electric shocks and, in the worst case, defective electrical appliances can even cause fires.

Hazardous materials in the office

A number of hazardous substances are stored in offices. This starts with adhesives and ends with toners or ink cartridges. Individually, such office materials pose little risk, but in bulk they can become a hazard. In the office not only one glue or one Tipp-Ex is used, but also larger quantities are bought in stock. These cartons with many individual bottles must then be stored accordingly. This also applies to toner or ink cartridges, for which proper disposal is particularly important. To save costs, toners and cartridges are often refilled, which makes sense, but this work should be left to professionals. This is because the substances in toner in particular should not be released into the air, as they have not been classified as dangerous by the Federal Institute for Risk, but they are not harmless either. In any case, the hazard warnings on the individual office materials should be observed, as there are also instructions for disposal.

Keep escape routes clear

Whether it is a fire or other pollutants have been released in the office, in an emergency the premises must be evacuated quickly. To do this, escape routes and emergency exits should always be well marked and an emergency drill should be carried out at least once a year. It makes sense to have several people in charge who can be contacted in an emergency and who can also be visually noticed with high-visibility vests. Those who are still thinking about buying such vests as well as protective clothing will find at gaerner suitable products. Especially for cleaning personnel, who come into contact with hazardous substances in the form of cleaning materials much more frequently, gloves, for example, are indispensable and are also offered there.

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