Security vulnerabilities - our articles on the subject

Data backup 18. May 2023
This article covers the topic of ransomware, an increasing threat to data and data security. It provides insights into the various aspects of ransomware attacks, including prevention and protection measures. The article also discusses the importance of data backup and recovery techniques in the event of a ransomware attack. Readers are provided with practical tips and strategies for minimizing the risk of ransomware as well as strengthening the security of their data. Read more
IT Security 5. August 2023
Ensuring a secure IT system is critical for any business. But despite the latest technologies, humans remain the biggest security vulnerability on all systems. This is because, as the actual control center of the machine, humans have the power to ope... Read more
PC Security 3. July 2023
Learn how to protect your PC from threats. Keep your digital world safe with important tips on PC security, antivirus, updates, password security and more. Read more