Ntfs - our articles on the subject

Langmeier Backup FAQ March 7, 2016
If you perform an image backup to an external hard drive and then after a few minutes the error message "Disk full" appears, even though there is still enough space on the external hard drive, it is because the external hard drive is formatted to the "Fat32" format. "Fat32" is therefore unsuitable as a backup medium. There are better alternatives... read more
Langmeier Backup FAQ March 6, 2015
A file system is a storage structure on a computer that organizes data. Windows offers three file systems: NTFS, FAT32, and FAT16. Here's the overview.. read more
Langmeier Backup FAQ February 15, 2013
If you want to back up Windows permissions, Langmeier Backup makes it easy. But there are a few technical limitations, which are explained here. read more
Langmeier Backup January 23, 2015
When an external disk fails to eject at the end of a backup, the "removable bit" is often to blame. Here's the solution. read more