This is how automatic network backup always starts!

Suppose you are performing a network backup with Langmeier Backup to a network folder and the program behaves like this: manual backups start as desired, but for the automatically set up backup, this or a similar error message appears in the log:

Disk \server name\share name\ is not available.

Or, if the network folder is the backup source:

Source #1 cannot be found

This is because the Langmeier Backup service runs under the "System" user by default. However, the "System" user has no login credentials. It is a login-data-less user. However, for security reasons, Windows network shares are often only accessible with a user with login data. Connections without credentials are thus blocked by Windows 

Solution: Search for the service  "Langmeier Backup Service" in the Windows services. Press the right mouse button on this service and then select "Properties". In the "Login" tab, enter the login data of a user. This user must have permissions on the files and folders to be accessed. 

Langmeier Backup Service Properties

Confirm with OK. As soon as you restart the service now, the scheduled backup will also behave properly.

Save data automatically

Protect all your files.

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