This is how scheduled backups always run

How to proceed if Langmeier Backup does not run the scheduled backup automatically. Tips and tricks to help.


If all Langmeier Backup windows are closed, then the process „lmbackup.exe“ must still be active in the task manager under the "Processes" tab in order to execute scheduled backups . When operating the software as a Windows service, the process „lmbackupsvc.exe“ must also be active.

If this is not the case, then resaving any scheduling job will help. To do this, click on "Schedule" and then "Edit". Click on "Save" to save the scheduling job again. Saving causes the background process to be activated and ensures that it is called up again when Windows is restarted.

Now check the following:

  • On Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, if the software is not running as a Windows service, there is a shortcut in the Autostart folder. Check to see if the shortcut exists. If not, save the planning job again, as described above.
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  • On all other operating systems, there is a scheduled task named "Langmeier Backup" in Windows Task Scheduling. Check if the scheduled task "Langmeier Backup" exists and if the task is not disabled . If it is deactivated, then activate it with right mouse button and then "Activate".

Good to know:

  • In Langmeier Backup's normal operating mode, automatic backups are only performed when the user is logged on to the computer. If you want to run Langmeier Backup backups even when no one is logged on to the computer, you must run Langmeier Backup as a Windows service. For Windows servers, this is almost always necessary.

    To do this, click on "Options" (global settings) and click on "Program behavior...". Now activate the checkbox at "Operation as Windows service".

    This is how you can proceed if Langmeier Backup does not automatically execute the scheduled backup. Tips and tricks to help.
  • When running as a Windows service, the scheduling options "Immediately after logging on", "Before logging off", and "While idle from" may not run because these scheduling options refer to the currently active user. Use another scheduling option such as backing up at a specific time of day.
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  • When running as a Windows service, the user does not receive on-screen messages about backups that are running. After the backup is complete, look in the „Log“ tab on the right to see if the backup is noted there. Alternatively, you can have the backup log emailed to you after the backup is complete.
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